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Accelerating smart cities with smarter solutions
Dec 18, 2017 / By Jo Hamilton

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As the electric vehicle (EV) market burgeons globally, so to do the endless innovative solutions in creating ‘smart cities’ – and PCCW Solutions is at the forefront of this innovation in Hong Kong, with its award-winning ‘Infinitum Parking and Charging’ solution.

PCCW Solutions’ Infinitum Parking and Charging solution is based on the world-class Infinitum™ IoT platform.

This is a revolutionary game-changer in the world of electric vehicles

Fundamentally, it is an innovation created to improve on-road experiences for modern EV drivers. The Infinitum Parking and Charging solution is incredibly user-friendly and easily integrates into existing automotive infrastructure, eliminating the need for operator’s to completely overhaul their current EV platforms.

There are four main components to the Infinitum Parking and Charging solution: mobile app; smart parking; smart charging; and customer relationship management.

The mobile app is the user’s side of the solution. It enables drivers to find and reserve parking and charging facilities, across all of Hong Kong, in real-time. The app can navigate your EV to your reserved spot for you, suggest alternate routes and manage payment.

This revolutionary function is a game-changer in the world of EV parking. Just a few taps in the app and you’ve booked, paid for, and navigated your way to your reserved parking and charging spot.

The app also provides notifications to drivers on the real-time status of their EV battery being charged – so users will know when their vehicle is full (and whether or not to order that extra coffee after lunch). Again, a game-changer. Tap, swipe, tap – battery full.

Attract expanded customer-base by delivering a seamless experience

Complementary to the mobile app and the enhanced on-road experience for drivers, the Infinitum Parking and Charging solution is also an opportunity for businesses – such as shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, telecommunication and public utility companies, etc – to attract an expanded customer-base to their businesses by delivering a seamless driving and vehicle experience.

The smart parking, smart charging and customer relationship management are for the businesses which are utilizing this solution. These components cover everything from parking facility operators monitoring and optimizing occupancy in real-time, to installation, to management of the network infrastructure, security and access control.

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Jo Hamilton
Marketing Manager
PCCW Solutions

Jo Hamilton is a corporate brand, marketing and communications professional with 17 years experience. Beginning her career as a journalist in Sydney, Australia, she has now lived and worked in Hong Kong for more than ten years. Jo has extensive experience in the professional services, legal, IT and global real estate industries and markets.