New challenges confront the telecommunications, media and technology industries everyday in the form of intense competition, downward pricing pressures, emerging technologies and upwardly spiraling expectations from customers. The service providers are driven to find new ways of keeping costs down and streamlining processes to the optimum, while providing high-quality products and services to keep customers satisfied.

PCCW Solutions helps service providers grow their business, boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs by tailoring solutions to customer needs, riding on its industry expertise plus an impressive track record of innovation.


RTHK is now operating twelve radio channels, offering 24/7 round the clock radio programs in Cantonese, English and Putonghua, and it also runs three digital terrestrial TV (DTT) channels. In addition, since April 2016 RTHK has taken over 2 analogue TV channels to provide free services daily on the channels named RTHK TV31A and 33A.

Mr. Chi-Wah Leung, Head of Engineering, RTHK shared in this case study video why PCCW Solutions was selected to provide broadcast support service to RTHK, including the TV Engineering, TV Operation, Radio Broadcasting Engineering, Radio Operation, Transmission Engineering, Broadcast System Integration Engineering.


PCCW Limited is a Hong Kong-based company which holds interests in telecommunications, media, IT solutions, property development and investment, and other businesses. The Company holds a majority interest in HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider. PCCW also owns a fully integrated multimedia and entertainment group in Hong Kong, which includes a highly successful IPTV operation, now TV. Also wholly-owned by the Group, PCCW Solutions is a leading information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing provider in Hong Kong and mainland China. In addition, PCCW holds a majority interest in Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited, and overseas investments including the wholly-owned UK Broadband Limited.

Budgeting and Planning with Oracle Hyperion


The Finance department of PCCW Limited had been using the Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA) since 2000.

As the OFA was phasing out, there was no further product enhancement and its support was ceased. OFA’s functions and slow performance can no longer satisfy the department’s growing operational needs over the years.

To be effective, the Finance team needed reliable, up-to-date financial and operational data for planning purposes as well as budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting, so they looked for new solutions which can fulfill their requirements.

New Solutions Improves Overall Operation

PCCW Limited selected the Oracle Hyperion Exalytics, Oracle Essbase, as well as Oracle Hyperion Budgeting and Planningto replace OFA. Serving as the internal IT team of PCCW Limited, PCCW Solutions worked closely with the end users and Oracle consultants, to implement the solutions.

Oracle Hyperion Exalytics offers enhanced performance on financial reporting, budgeting and planning. The easy-to-use new solution can handle more than 200 reporting users and budgeting input. Oracle Essbase, the online analytical processing (OLAP) server, provides a rich environment for effectively developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications. By leveraging its self-managed, rapid application development capabilities, business users can quickly model complex business scenarios.

Oracle Hyperion Budgeting and Planning is a centralized budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.

Enhanced Efficiency Enables Effective Decision Making

The overall efficiency has significantly enhanced after the new solution deployment. The single and central repository allows the Finance team to perform budgeting, forecast, reporting and variance analysis, which improve data control and traceability. The team can easily integrate data from different sources with reduced time and effort, providing timely and incontext information for decision making.

The rich pre-built planning functionalities, such as top down and bottom up planning alignment, currency conversion, data validation and audit trail, help facilitate and streamline planning preparation, reduce error and turnaround time. With the capability of approval workflow process management, the team now has improved visibility and better control of approval status and task progress. 


Rackspace Hosting is a world leader and specialist in hosting. In 2008, responding to growing customer demand in Asia, Rackspace Hosting sought to open a data center in Hong Kong.

Due to high demand for datacenter space and a lack of sufficient supply in Hong Kong, it was difficult for Rackspace to find a datacenter in a suitable location, to the scale that they needed, within the timeframe that they need it.


PCCW Solutions was able to provide space in a new datacenter in Fo Tan that was in the final stages of construction, allowing Rackspace to add their own specifications to the final build. PCCW Solutions technical team impressed Rackspace with our experience, presentation, technical expertise and high resilience design of the data center from the first meeting, helping to build a solid foundation for a great business relationship between PCCW Solutions and Rackspace.

Rackspace was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which their datacenter was built and designed to their specifications. Rackspace officials have said that this was the fastest datacenter build they've seen outside of their home office in the U.S. Despite tight deadlines and schedules, PCCW Solutions was able to meet and exceed Rackspaces expectations.


China Mobile Communications Corporation is the PRC's largest mobile phone operator. Through the implementation of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system, China Mobile has undertaken to build an advanced nationwide world-class management information system (MIS) to raise the standard of decision-making at provincial and municipal levels.

The company plans to normalize business processes and operation procedures throughout the organization, down to its provincial and municipal subsidiaries, in order to attain better resource sharing and enhanced monitoring and control, with the ultimate objective of increasing the group's market competitiveness.


According to China Mobile's three-year 'informatization' plan, work on its major application systems should be completed by the end of 2005. The company will then continue to improve and consolidate other systems with the aim of building a totally standardized and fully integrated information application system.


PCCW Solutions has one of the largest teams of ERP professionals in mainland China, plus extensive experience in implementing and managing mission critical projects. A team of PCCW Solutions' experienced project managers and consultants in implementation and business process reengineering (BPR) is working to provide China Mobile with a total solution.

The system is being implemented in phases. PCCW Solutions began to build a MIS for some of China Mobile's provincial offices. The next stage will see PCCW Solutions designing and implementing an advanced MIS solution focusing on Financial Management at other offices across the country. It covers general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, inventory, purchasing, engineering, cash flows, fixed assets and financial analysis.

PCCW Solutions will be responsible for the entire project's design and management. PCCW Solutions will also select consultants to participate in the building of an additional management system and assist China Mobile to develop and nurture a group of professionals in applications management, financial management and information technology.


This solution currently represents the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project in mainland China, and is likely to help China Mobile to greatly improve its internal operations and enhance overall competitiveness.

Among the rich, broadband, value-added offerings by Guangdong Telecom broadband service, VNet, is its broadband Video-on-Demand (VOD).

PCCW Solutions was commissioned to design and construct the broadband VOD system. We assisted Guangdong Telecom to implement an advanced system that was manageable, operable and capable of collecting charges from the users. Project scope includes video streaming-enabled broadcasting system, Web service system, video streaming back-office management system, and authentication and charging systems. The project further demonstrates the capability of PCCW Solutions in designing and building large-scaled systems.

To better integrate network resource and cope with the business requirement to provide customized value-added services to end users, PCCW Solutions deployed Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN) solutions for Shandong Communication Corporation. When compared to traditional VPN, MPLS VPN has the benefits of higher scalability and ease of implementation and management. MPLS VPN covers 17 nodes in Shandong, including Jinan and Qingdao. The solution facilitates the communication of VPN and Virtual Private Dial Network (VPDN) users within metropolitan area networks (MAN), between MANS, and within and between provincial networks. It strengthens Shandong Communication's capability to serve VPN users from medium- and large-sized enterprises, government, financial institutions and multinationals. Above all, the solution significantly enhances the competitiveness of Shandong Communication.

In 2002 and 2003, PCCW Solutions helped China Netcom (CNC) to design and manage the project of its Super Internet Data Center (SIDC) and the related Network Operating Center, which is now the largest in Asia. The new SIDC will serve as a foundation for future CNC's data center consolidation project. With the new Super Internet Center, China Netcom can now provide various on-demand value-added services to different customers according to their needs.

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