As the public demand for higher-standard and more sophisticated services, organizations in the public sector need to provide responsive, automated and secure services by leveraging the right technology, applications and infrastructure.

With experiences in serving the public sector and strong expertise in implementing mission-critical IT systems and related services. PCCW Solutions helps organizations further enhance operational efficiency by upgrading legacy systems and implementing cutting-edge technologies.

In particulars, with two decades of working relationship with Hong Kong Government, we have gained significant domain knowledge with the Public sector. Our experts have implemented a wide range of government specific technology solutions having to do with the Web, Desktop, Mobile, Integration, Collaboration, Business Critical Applications, Customer Service Centre, Central Command Centre, Secured Data Centre, Business Analytics and much more, not only helping internal users and stakeholder to do their jobs better and more efficiently, but create solutions that can positively affect constituents directly. When it comes to building best practice and open technology-based solutions for our government customers we always aim to provide them with an end product that is both scalable and secure, completely flexible, feature-packed and high performing, constructed using only the state-of-art, proven and commercially supported technologies.

Public Project Showcases

For the last 20 years, we have track records to deliver the mission-critical systems to the government customers. That includes Education, Health, Housing, Transport, Law and Order, Tax, Civil Service, Tourism, Cross-boundary Traffic, Registry services, Immigration, Airport, Marine. Fire Services, Pollution and Environmental Control, Government Cloud Infrastructure, Cyberport, West Kowloon Cultural District and more.

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched the new e-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS) common platform in 2013.

The new EGIS offers innovative web application hosting service. Coupled with cloud technology and centrally-managed information technology infrastructure, it provides a convenient, fast and efficient service platform for government departments.

Government departments are not required to build their in-house infrastructure facilities, thereby enhancing the delivery of e-Government services to the public. 

As we all know, building major infrastructure is very challenging, and establishing the EGIS is no exception. This challenging project was undertaken by PCCW Solutions.

PCCW Solutions provided professional project management and quality assurance services for the EGIS. Both the OGCIO and PCCW Solutions have been attaching great importance to this project.

To achieve fruitful results in a short time, the synergy between the two parties is the key to success. Since the launch of the new EGIS platform, we have been receiving positive feedback on the service from various departments.

Currently, up to 160 e-Government services are delivered through the EGIS platform, covering every major facet of life, such as: submission of information for registration of birth, application for HKSAR Passport, Labour Department's Interactive Employment Service, eTAX (filing of tax return), making appointment for giving a Notice of Intended Marriage, booking for driving test and renewal of vehicle licence, etc. All these services are closely related to our daily lives. 

Furthermore, the EGIS also offers online payment services for government departments. Last year, more than 3 million e-payment transactions were carried out via the EGIS platform.

In this digital era, a reliable and secure web application hosting platform is crucial to developing citizen-centric e-Government services. Moreover, it can further enhance the operational efficiency of government services and provide better services to the public.

Hosting capacity of the new platform can be increased in a timely manner. PCCW Solutions will provide round-the-clock monitoring and support services. It is a flexible, reliable and secure system hosting platform for the government departments providing e-Government services.


PCCW Solutions was awarded a 10-year Electronic Passport System (e-PASS) contract from The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government. The contract includes design, supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of hardware, software and related services for e-Passport System for the HKSAR Government's Immigration Department, as well as ongoing system maintenance for 10 years.


The System supports and controls the issue of ePassports and other travel documents. Under the terms of the contract, PCCW Solutions provides 2.2 million pieces of contactless chip and polycarbonate data-page to the Immigration Department. PCCW Solutions brings in and assembles state-of-the-art technologies from world renowned technology specialists to provide a total solution for e-Passport System. The new passport has been embedded with a contactless chip to store the facial image and information from the data page. Laser engraving personalization technology has been used to personalize the passport. The solution incorporates sophisticated anti-forgery and security technologies, which are compliant with international standards, e.g. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

PCCW Solutions aims to support the Immigration Department's vision to comply with international standards, provide better public services, save resources, and increase operational efficiencies. The solution we proposed provides a flexible foundation to support future applications as well as other usage that may be required internationally as recommended by ICAO from time to time.


PCCW Solutions won an eight-year contract from the Treasury of HKSAR Government for the Supply, Implementation and Maintenance of and Provision of On-going Support and Other Related Services for a highly-sophisticated Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS) to support accounting and financial management processes. The new GFMIS connects about 5,400 users across all government bureaux and departments.

This contract triumph follows hard on the heels of news that the division is to embark on a 10-year e-Passport project for the HKSAR Government's Immigration Department and illustrates the reputation held by PCCW Solutions for delivering total solutions for highly sophisticated IT projects.


PCCW Solutions provides a total solution that includes project and technical management, design, supply, installation, integration, training, commissioning and maintenance of software, as well as ongoing management of application maintenance, hardware facilities, system operations, data center and helpdesk operations.

The new GFMIS uses the Oracle Financials software package and replaces the Ledger Accounting and Financial Information System (LAFIS) and other legacy systems that had been in use for over 20 years.

When designing the solution, PCCW Solutions chose a module that best fits the accounting and financial processes of the public sector and the accrual accounting regime. In view of these requirements, we have proposed the Public Sector Financials module, which meets the Treasury's requirement for the 'best fit' software package with minimal customization.

Our competitive edge was the combination of technical expertise, thorough knowledge of accounting and financial processes, strong partnership with Oracle, wealth of experience in implementing Oracle Financials and a track-record of successful projects.


The HKSAR Government's Marine Department has awarded a 10-year technical services contract to PCCW-HKT Technical Services Limited (TSL), the technical services arm of PCCW Solutions, to ensure the smooth running of Hong Kong's Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) System.

For over 10 years, PCCW Solutions has provided the Marine Department with ICT skills and expertise, and the new contract will see continuing to provide round-the-clock technical services to the Government for yet another decade.


Under an outsourcing arrangement, PCCW Solutions professionals will handle the operation, maintenance and management of the GMDSS and VTS systems under one contract.

The GMDSS is crucial to search-and-rescue co-ordination and operations in Hong Kong and neighboring international waters, while the VTS system is a radar-based surveillance solution that monitors and controls movement of ocean-going and river-trade vessels in Hong Kong waters and its approaches to ensure the port's navigational safety, efficiency and security.


The project called for an integrated call center with advanced customer-relations management (CRM) services for the Efficiency Unit of the Hong Kong government. The system enables the public to dial a single number to report inquiries and file complaints about environmental and hygiene matters.

Initially, nine government departments participated: Agriculture and Fisheries, Building, Civil Engineering, Drainage Services, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Environmental Protection, Highways, Regional Services, and Water Supplies. The service will replace hundreds of hotlines. The project is valued at HK$48 millions.


By using the latest IT technology and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, the call center provides a centralized and coordinated point of contact. The system is designed to improve responsiveness and reduce overlapping of work for environmental and cleanliness issues among departments.

Under the agreement, PCCW Solutions designed and set up the government's integrated call center. It also provides consultancy services on creating an information database to help operators answer inquiries, as well as design the workflow and logistical support between the call center and related government departments.


Relying on our experience in both operating the largest call center in Asia and supplying end-to-end e-business capability, the project required system development, computer-telephony integration and business-process re-engineering.

This project is a further evidence of our end-to-end e-business enabling capabilities, which meets an ever-growing demand from the government and the public for increased operational efficiency.

"We have developed competency profiles for our staff members and would like to apply them in different areas. The Human Resources Management Information System will provide an integrated system that will facilitate such functions as performance management and development."

Anthony Mak,

Chief Manager/Human Resource Development, Hong Kong Housing Authority


The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) has more than 10,000 employees. Its previous human resources system was developed in the early 1990s and looked unable to meet future demands. The HA has awarded the project to PCCW Solutions, who partners with Oracle to provide the Human Resources System. PCCW Solutions itself was the first Southeast Asia user of this system. This, coupled with the fact that PCCW Solutions has similar staff numbers and administrative issues as the housing authority, led the HA to push ahead with PCCW Solutions on this project.


Upgrading IT systems and implementing new operational procedures is always difficult, but when you're dealing with thousands of employees, that task takes on nightmarish potential. With the HA's six branches, there were six distinct user voices to take into account. Multiply that by Oracle's many modules, and the establishment of user consensus and endorsement for the entire system could have been a lengthy process. However, everything had to be done within the project timeline.


The HA contracted PCCW Solutions to provide, in association with its vendor partners, all hardware, software, consultancy, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and other related services for the Human Resources Management Information Systems and Employees Payroll Systems.


The solution helped the employees of Hong Kong government's Housing Authority by shifting internal administrative processes to self-service. The integrated system reduces paperwork, facilitates the implementation of competency-based HRM practices and can improve performance management and development. It helps this large-scale organization to roll forward to meet the demands of 21st century business head on.


Flight Information Display Services allow users at airport to view flight arrival and departure information in real time. Flight information is also provided to government departments, airlines, and franchisees, licensees and tenants of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, as well as business entities like hotels, travel and freight agents users in other parts of Hong Kong who need the information as an additional customer service. When Hong Kong's International Airport moved from Kai Tai in Kowloon to Chek Lap Kok on Lantau Island, PCCW's services were required to ensure a seamless transfer of information to the Flight Information Display system.


PCCW had been involved in the distribution of flight information at the old airport at Kai Tak for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) since 1992 and distributed the information through Datapak's BD96 and Infofax services via PCCW's Flight Information Display System.

However, Kai Tak's FIDS system had reached its capacity and could not support additional customers. The flight information based on the new Airport Operation Database (AODB) is operated in a different manner to that at Kai Tak. A new approach was necessary to ensure customer access to flight information.


In order to ensure that all parties who needed flight information could gain access to it, the Airport Authority granted a license to PCCW in November 1997 to provide flight information to government departments, airlines, and franchisees, licensees and tenants of the authority at Chek Lap Kok as well as other users.

A high availability server was connected to the Authority's AODB for the purpose of receiving the most up-to-date flight information data and distributing it to users within and outside the airport.

Arrival and departure information displayed includes:

  • Scheduled/estimated arrival and departure times
  • Actual landing or take-off times
  • Flight numbers
  • Originating airports or final destination airports
  • Flight service types and aircraft types
  • Maximum number of passengers
  • Baggage reclaim or gates allocated
  • Stand and handling agents


The new Flight Information Display System provided by PCCW enables all airport users to view the arrival and departure flight information. It is a real time display system built upon the latest Java Web technology, and provides bilingual interface and flexibility to allow access everywhere.

"Passengers in the terminal will find this very useful for recreation and business, such as quickly accessing their company's Intranet, checking emails and downloading large files from the Internet."

Hans Bakker,

Airport Authority Commercial Director, Hong Kong Airport Authority


With reference to a previous research done by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in 2000, 58 percent of visitors were senior white-collar workers, and 30 percent out of the total came for business/meetings.

Market findings suggest that among the tens of millions of mobile business professionals worldwide, some 40 percent of them use laptops while they are on the road to check or send emails, surf the Web or download PowerPoint files.

From April 2001, travelers have enjoyed wireless broadband Internet access at the Hong Kong International Airport, as a result of PCCW Solutions' and the Airport Authority's combined efforts to provide "Wireless LAN" communications services.

Today's business travelers demand on-the-fly Internet connectivity. The Wireless LAN services provide customers faster access, quicker download times and highly reliable connections.


PCCW Solutions' Wireless LAN service operates at a speed of up to 1.54Mbps, accessible at restricted areas at the airport's departures level, such as restaurants, airline VIP lounges, the Apron Passenger Vehicle Lounges, as well as the transit areas of Terminals 1 and 2. The service speed has been upgraded and future technological advances will be introduced.

The concept of bringing a 'mobile office' to business professionals is going to revolutionize the business world, offering executives and their enterprises a chance to enhance competitive edges. The service initiative also matches PCCW Solutions' mission and capability to provide total e-solutions to enterprises, and quicken their pace in digital transformation.

Since travelers are expected to have robust demand for convenient Internet access services, PCCW Business Netvigator plans to broaden the reach of this new wireless Internet technology to customers.


Internet users no longer need to queue for data ports in major airport areas. Passengers can simply insert a Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) card into their laptops to connect to PCCW's wireless network and then to the Internet.

Airport Authority Commercial Director Hans Bakker said Wireless LAN have multiple uses at Chek Lap Kok. "There is a strong demand for Internet services at the airport," Mr. Bakker said. "Passengers in the terminal will find this very useful for recreation and business, such as quickly accessing their company's Intranet, checking e-mails and downloading large files from the Internet."


Cyberport is a strategic information technology infrastructure project that symbolizes the government of the HKSAR's determination to develop Hong Kong as a leading digital city in Asia. An estimated HK$15.8 billion (US$2 billion) has been invested to turn 24-hectare site at Telegraph Bay in the southern district of Hong Kong into an world-class IT community. Cyberport is being created as a place that attracts a cluster of IT companies and professional talent in IT applications, information services and multimedia content creation to foster creativity and innovation within the collaborative community.


Behind this complex project, PCCW Solutions provides the complete integration of Information Technology and Telecom (IT&T) support to Cyberport that includes design, building, implementation of IT architecture and network infrastructure (e.g. Central Data Exchange and Network Operations Center, as well as ongoing operation management services). This significant project further demonstrates PCCW Solutions' full capability with outsourced and managed services which mark a major milestone in firmly securing PCCW Solutions' leader position in the competitive outsourcing market.

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