To stay ahead of competition, manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers need to identify ways to accelerate the production cycles, ensure quality delivery and offer exceptional customer experience. The convergence of cloud computing, mobile communications, big data analytics and sensors has created new opportunities for customer engagement, enabling timely decision making and better operation management and logistic control.

PCCW Solutions helps manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers enhance automation, expedite workflow and enhance communications with customers. By adopting advanced technology, manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers are able to speed up their response to the market and capture more new business opportunities.

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (Absen) is an integrated service provider in the LED display industry.

Globalization exerted pressure on Absen’s Human Resource Management (HRM) function to adapt to changing organizational needs, such as unifying and centralizing the HR management of expatriates and overseas employees.

Download the case study to learn how PCCW Solutions deployed Oracle HCM Cloud for Absen to streamline its daily HR operations, monitor overseas staff with multi-employer hierarchical management, and achieve costs control through the payroll interface.


Vitasoy (China) Co., Ltd. (Vitasoy China) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vitasoy International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong, specializing in the production and distribution of soymilk, milk, juice, tea, water and other food items, and boasting cutting-edge manufacturing machinery for Tetra packaging and cans.

In order to drive sustainable growth and accelerate the sales cycle, Vitasoy China aimed to improve its cost control and collaboration between departments.

Download the case study to learn how PCCW Solutions enabled Vitasoy China to undergo digital transformation with SAP S/4HANA, driving end-to-end digitalized processes along the supply chain to manage product lifecycles and costs effectively.



AllRightsReserved (ARR) is a Hong Kong based creative studio established in 2003, focusing on creative ideas, design, publishing and event management. ARR’s particularly well known projects included Five Hello Kitty exhibitions collaborating with SANRIO since 2005, “100 years before the birth of DORAEMON”, and the first 3D printing exhibition in Hong Kong.

With the selling of Doraemon limited edition products, a famous Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio around a robotic cat, ARR’s existing eCommerce platform was unable to handle the instant increase of traffic and collect customers’ information effectively.

PCCW Solutions was selected by ARR to build a new eCommerce platform with high performance, providing end-to-end support from system design, platform development, system integration to consulting and training services.

Download this case study to know more about how the new e-Commerce platform helps AllRightReserved to generate revenue, manage high volume of online traffic and cater future business needs.


Nanchu Management Group (Nanchu) is a comprehensive logistics service provider integrating various services such as warehousing, commodity financing management, business information, transportation (highway, railway and waterway) and cold-chain logistics.

To cope with the business growth, Nanchu aimed to create a commodity operations management platform that provides warehousing, delivery and financial settlement services.

Download the case study to learn how the new integrated ERP platform enabled Nanchu to boost its profits, connect upstream and downstream customers coherently and increase market share.



SOHO China is the country’s largest real estate developer for Grade A office space, as well as the only developer that focuses solely on commercial properties.

In the interest of seizing the long-term values of its property projects, SOHO China shifted its mode of operation from “build-to-sell” to “build-to-hold”. With the merging of e-commerce and real estate, SOHO China hoped to integrate its traditional business channels and expand to online real estate leasing business.

Download this case study to understand how the brand new mobile platform of office leasing – SOHO 3Q helps SOHO China to expand its online real estate business.



Pizza Hut has been serving Hong Kong for over 30 years and its first restaurant was opened in 1981. Restaurant business lies heavily in the constant state of activity along the customer journey. Pizza Hut focuses on leveraging technologies like social CRM to build better customer interactions.

Pizza Hut planned an AR based entertaining game that would promote their delivery service in an innovative way. PCCW Solutions was tasked with delivering a completely new game timely at launch, which would both support Pizza Hut’s business needs and give consumers a great AR experience.

Download this case study to know more about how the implementation of AR Game helps Pizza Hut to enhance customer engagement.



ISA Fashion Boutique International Ltd. (ISA) is a reseller of international luxury brands in Hong Kong, China and Macau. With more than 40 years of industry experience in Hong Kong, ISA Boutique has a complete assembly of the world’s renowned international fashion brands to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers.

To meet the higher expectation from customers, enhancing their satisfaction becomes a prominent issue. Product availability helps ensure happy customers, hence effective inventory management plays a vital role.

Download this case study to understand how PCCW Solutions' Infinitum™ Retail Solutions enhance ISA's operation efficiency and their customer satisfaction.



Company Profile

William Marsh & Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based global supply chain firm providing strategic operating solutions to the construction sectors. All the planning and logistics operations are directed from their center of operations located in Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China.


William Marsh has expanded its product portfolio for provision of ceramic sanitary ware, counter tops, bathroom accessories, faucets, plumbing fittings and construction components. To cope with business expansion, William Marsh needed to modernize its warehouse operation and implement FIFO (First In, First Out) inventory management system for quality assurance and greater efficiency.

Comprehensive Technology-centric Warehouse System

PCCW Solutions was appointed to build the comprehensive warehouse management system for William Marsh. The solutions were implemented to build the world-class sanitary ware quality assurance center in Hangzhou, with 15,000m² for handling over 20,000 pieces of item per month. With the RFID-enabled storage and inventory management solution developed for ceramic-tile products, William Marsh's warehouse is now equipped with the means to automatically and effectively pick good-quality items in FIFO manner for shipment.

The right hardware was first identified and sourced for building up a technology-centric warehouse management system which included RFID-enabled pallets, handheld devices, forklift readers and gateway readers. Several RFID systems, such as a tag registration system, an item-mapping system, forklift warehouse system and gateway system for location-transfer monitoring, were also implemented.

Deploying RFID Forklift Solutions

Through RFID-enabled forklifts and mobile handheld solutions, product safety has been enhanced significantly with high level of quality checking. The company's warehouse staff can now pick the right items efficiently and promptly, at the right locations. With the unique identification and multi-readability of RFID technology, each tagged item can be automatically detected and monitored when it passes through the RFID gateway. It can greatly improve the visibility of item management and track-and-trace in real-time manner. The highly scalable and flexible system can well address William Marsh’s future extension of new functions, enhancement and further expansion.

About PCCW Solutions

PCCW Solutions is a leading IT services company in Hong Kong and mainland China. We adopt the latest technology to help clients create business value and success in the ever-changing economic environment. We offer a wide range of services including digital solutions, IT and business process outsourcing, cloud computing, system development and solutions integration, data center hosting and managed services, e-commerce and IoT solutions. PCCW Solutions is committed to meeting customer needs to help them achieve business goals and transform digitally.


An electroplating company which mainly produces distinctive brands’ kitchen and bathroom appliances. The company is a subsidiary of a privately held multinational group of companies with its headquarters in Hong Kong, focusing on the manufacture of plated and non-plated plastic solutions, consumer products and automotive components.


The company applies metal coatings to components used to make the kitchen and bathroom appliances. The electroplating process for each item varies according to the size and material being coated, each requiring specific electric-current and temperature settings, as well as concentration of chemical solutions.

As the electroplating process operates at high temperature and humidity environment, traditional barcode is hard to read. Workers needed to closely monitor the process and manually record the time each item spent in a chemical tank. After that, quality-control staff manually reported any errors or defects found in a product prior to packaging for shipment. The manual data record caused error occasionally and delayed the reporting process.

New RFID System Enables Automation

To collect the work-in-progress data automatically, the company deployed PCCW Solutions’ RFID-based Electroplating Process Management System on its production lines.

An metal RFID tag was attached on a carrier bar above each carrier rack used to transport products and components down the line on a carrier bar. This tag was selected because of its chemical resistance and durability around extreme temperatures.

Enhancing Workflow and Reducing Errors

By eliminating the need to input data manually and making production faster and more visible, the new RFID system has increased the workflow efficiency, reduced the record discrepancy, and created record for product historical analysis.

Management can now get real-time information of the production lines, such as what product is undergoing electroplating, how long it spends in the electrolyte tank, and when the process completes. The company also uses thedata for business analytics to better understand what kinds of conditions may lead to improperly plated products or when production errors are most often occurring.

This project has won the Hong Kong Internet of Things (IoT) Awards - bronze awards in “RFID Application Innovation” and “RFID Implementation” , and has been published in RFID Journal Magazine and Communication Association of Hong Kong's "2015 Official Guide to ICT Industry in Hong Kong".The company plans to install the RFID technology at more of its production lines.

A headphone manufacturer based in US has multiple sales channels and resellers worldwide. To improve its operational efficiency, the company set up a regional office in Hong Kong and required an effective system to manage its supply chain activities and contract manufacturers in China. The headphone manufacturer subscribed the cloud-based track-and-trace services since March 2012.

Its contract manufacturers affixed 2D barcode label on each product package and each of its supply chain parties can simply utilize a barcode handheld scanner to capture and share the product movement information. With the global traceability platform, information on the logistics all the way from production floor, warehouse to retail outlets can be accessed in real time.

The track-and-trace platform improves supply chain collaboration and visibility by enabling users to track:

  • What the item is
  • Where the item is located
  • Why the item is at certain location
  • Where it came from and where it is going to

Value Created

By using the track-and-trace platform, the manufacturer can visualize the logistic flow of products throughout the entire supply chain, from the production plants in China, logistics providers to the retail outlets worldwide in US, Europe and Asia, ensuring the products are delivered to the worldwide resellers on time to quickly respond to the changing market demand.

In addition, the cloud-based platform requires no extra investment in IT infrastructure at any stage, which allows the manufacturer to increase its operational efficiency and ensure the supply of products to the resellers to be cost-effective.


"Borghese has worked closely with PCCW Solutions' Power Logistics for several years. During this time, the two companies have formed a good working partnership based on mutual trust, respect and knowledge. Power Logistics has provided a quality service based on its professionalism and real understanding of the commercial issues. This allows them to provide logical solutions, which always prove a match to the business requirements, as well as being robust in operation. I look forward to continuing our relationship to mutual benefit in the years to come."

Gabrielle Ng,

General Manager of Borghese Limited Hong Kong


Borghese, an international cosmetics company, set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong in 1992.

Regularly introducing innovative skincare products to the market place, Borghese needs to promote those products to its customers. Direct mail plays a major part in delivering the message to potential and existing clients.


Borghese needed to ensure the confidentiality of all customer data and needed a solution that not only delivered its message to customers, but also ensured strict supervision and access with the highest level of data security.


In 2002, Borghese appointed Power Logistics to provide a total document solution from producing to mailing direct mail to its end customers to promote new products or special offers in a reliable and efficient way.

Power Logistics' one-stop document logistics solution used by Borghese includes data management, printing, lettershopping and mailing services for direct mail and promotional leaflets, as well as top-level confidentiality of customer data.


Using this integrated service, communicating with customers has never been easier for Borghese. With the support of Power Logistics' professionalism, reliability and efficiency, the company can focus on its sales and marketing activities and product development.

SOLERS Ltd. specializes in the development and engineering of cable assemblies, as an independent manufacturer or in direct partnership with customers. With rapid business expansion and increasing production requirement to stay competitive in the market, SOLERS intended to upgrade the legacy application to an advanced ERP system, which can deliver more powerful features in manufacturing control while reduce the high up-front investment cost.

Being the first SAP certified provider of Cloud and Hosting Services in Hong Kong and China, Compass Business Solutions Limited (Compass), a subsidiary of PCCW Solutions, proposed SAP Business All-in-One cloud solution to SOLERS. The new solution supports various areas of operations, including financial management, cost controlling, material management, sales and distribution as well as production planning. Compass also provides SAP maintenance, SAP help desk support and back-up service to SOLERS. The application is hosted at PCCW Solutions Powerb@se Data Center with strong security and high availability on infrastructure.

Value Created

  • Enriched features of ERP
  • Lower investment in IT
  • Reliable data center hosting service
  • Scalable system and flexible pricing arrangement


Bossini International Holdings Limited, a leading apparel company headquartered in Hong Kong expanding into the international market, has selected the Oracle E-Business Suite Financials family of applications to unify and automate its financial systems and processes. PCCW Solutions provided Bossini with comprehensive professional services and manage the Oracle Financials system rollout across its five regional centers located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. This will enable Bossini to improve its enterprise-wide financial transparency for timely decisions and compete more profitably in the global market.


PCCW Solutions will be overseeing the full implementation by providing Bossini with comprehensive professional services, including project management, system implementation, system customization, and quality assurance. With the completion of the deployment, Bossini expects to achieve considerable efficiencies and reduce account closing time by 70%.

Building on a unified data model, the new Oracle Financials system will enable Bossini to gain a single accurate view of all its financial information for timely decision-making and improved visibility into the company's operations. At the same time, the improved data quality will help Bossini to address regional statutory requirements, corporate governance and internal audit control needs. The Oracle Financials implementation will support about 100 users.


PCCW Solutions, the IT and business process outsourcing flagship of PCCW Group, was awarded a contract to design, build and implement a RFID-enabled Logistics Management System for Collezione Wine Cellars, a subsidiary of Hanison Construction Holding Ltd. Serving upper class individuals and businesses in Hong Kong and China, the wine cellar covers an area of 10,000 square feet and is fully furnished with dining and function rooms facilities. The wine cellar can store 80,000 bottles of fine wine for its members.


In order to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience, Collezione Wine Cellars appointed PCCW Solutions to design and build a total solution, which comprises of the Logistics Management System and RFID “Sense” middleware developed by PCCW Solutions.


The solution was designed to streamline the warehouse management operations and enable Collezione Wine Cellars to deliver better customer service to its members. Employing the globally recognized open EPC standards, each RFID tagged bottle of fine wine can be uniquely identified, which will support a wide range of applications such as global supply chain collaboration, product tracking and tracing, and product authentication.

"In early 2003, we first learned of ConXerto Harmony, the collaborative design management system product software. ConXerto Harmony provides a virtual environment for collaboration work on new product development. This allows business customers, designers, engineers as well as administrators to share information, revise product design via the virtual workspace. As a result, this enables effective product development for enterprises and thus a smooth business process. As staff can work closely and seamlessly, this helps enterprises to realize an effective and faultless business process as well as fast track the pace to 'informatization'. Finally, this will enhance the overall productivity and cost effectiveness for the business."

Mr. Wang Lian-dong
Director, TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute


The TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute, a developer and manufacturer of vending machines, depends on fault-free scheduling and information exchange for its production process, quality control and project management. The traditional methods of experience-based management does not always suit contemporary business development, especially with regard to fast tracking advanced technology and 'informatization' - an urgent issue for many enterprises. ConXerto Harmony provides a virtual environment for collaboration and helps customers to address this issue.

Collaborative commerce is new to the PRC, and PCCW Solutions was faced with the challenge of promoting the concept to the customer. It was also PCCW Solutions' first home-grown product implementation in mainland China. During the implementation process, PCCW Solutions learned to adapt to the special enterprise culture and partnership of the customer.


PCCW Solutions provided TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute with ConXerto Harmony, a solution which involved Document Management, Project Management, Workflow Management, Community Management, BOM (Bills of Material) and Collaborative Services to meet the customer's business needs.

PCCW Solutions was able to boost customer confidence by showing the Company's wide experience in the area of collaborative commerce in Hong Kong, as well as its committed research and development resources, excellent after-sales support, and competitive pricing.

Value Created

  • Time-to-market for all new product development/improvement process
  • Increase collaborative efforts to meet the growing competition, both locally and globally
  • Enhance coordinating efforts from partners all over the world, closing the gap on time and geographical barriers
  • Minimize unnecessary product development/improvement cost and time
  • Lower operating cost for manufacturers
  • Enhance management overview of the overall process for monitoring or taking action before problems aris


ConXerto Harmony helped to enhance TianJin Light Industry Equipment Institute's product development efficiency.

"We have worked successfully with PCCW Solutions' Power Logistics for several years. The basis for this relationship is not only do their services function professionally, but Power Logistics is flexible, and continually works with us to ensure that their solutions keep pace with the rapid changes required by our business."

Tiki Chiu,

Chief Operation Officer, Tiny Computers Pacific Limited


Tiny Computers, the biggest direct PC retail chain in Hong Kong, has a wide network of retail outlets throughout the SAR. The company supplies computers not just to individuals, but also to businesses, universities, clinics and government departments.

Tiny Computers makes its own computers and sells them from its own showrooms, meaning the company has no distributors or outside retailers, and deals directly with customers. Therefore, it needs a logistics solution that can provide reliable delivery to customers, as well as other value-added services.


Tiny Computers requires its computers and other accessories to be delivered and installed in one single visit. It needs to ensure that staff must be well trained and knowledgeable to provide the required services to its customers.


Tiny Computers uses an integrated logistics solution from Power Logistics for its products for both corporate and home users, and also in its retail shops which helps operations run effectively and comprehensively. We provide a tailor-made solution to Tiny Computers, including on-site installation on one single visit, warehousing, payment collection and international freight forwarding.


With our integrated logistics solution, Tiny Computers can benefit by enhancing the quality of customer service, as the end customers can enjoy the product immediately and minimize the waiting time for installation. This also frees up the company's resources to focus more on product innovation.

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