The digital age has transformed the IT landscape and requires companies to be more than ever flexible and dynamic when implementing new business applications. Consumers expect great products and responsive customer service from enterprises. Employees in sales and service departments are under increasing pressure to become more and more customer-centric and stay connected with business operations at all times.

We aim at supporting enterprises to adopt scalable business automation solutions rapidly and cost-effectively, enabling businesses to innovate, by taking an integrated approach in delivering ready-to-use business applications, through software, services and platform integration. Infinitum™ offered by PCCW Solutions, comprises a comprehensive range of enterprise business applications, digital and analytics solutions that can be delivered as a service.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low up-front investment
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Shorter time to market
  • Industry expertise
  • Proven infrastructure and support

Rapidly integrate numerous sources of business data into the cloud analytics platforms through advisory and integration services. The analyzed data becomes a vital tool for strategic and tactical business decision making

Customer Analytics

By unlocking the values of customer from analyzing their profile, buying behavior, consumer comment and preference – with capability of technologies, enterprises are able to define the customer strategies handily, deliver personalized and instant message to engage the customers as well as bring them interaction experiences.

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Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics, also known as social listening or social media monitoring, is a methodology to acquire and analyze the social dialogues of a brand, its services and its competitors. With this capability, companies can incorporate the true voice of their customers in all their existing initiatives and strategies via diagnosing the customers’ opinions and even sentiment polarity. Through making improvements in all customer touch points, such as brand marketing and customer care, customer satisfaction can be enhanced.

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Video Analytics

In the era of growth of big data, the rapidly expanding IoT adoption and demand for real-time analytics empower enterprises to make smarter business decisions. People counting by video analytics solutions provide actionable insights that help enterprises increase profitability and improve operational efficiency.

Sales and marketing strategies can be developed based on the information of sales revenue being generated correlated to the crowd, the product locations in the store and customer profiles. By leveraging the insights from these data, companies can determine more precise decisions on marketing, facilities management, staffing, security and more.

Enhanced approach to gain valuable insights

By supplementing video analytic technology with people counting solutions, retailers can get a more comprehensive view of customer and product footage in-store, hence provide instant response to the customers’ activities in a timely manner.

From capturing unstructured data by in-store video camera or newly installed IoT device, transforming into useful data for analysis to data visualization and reporting, PCCW Solutions’ end-to-end Video Analytics - People Counting solutions support retailers to enhance business strategies through realizing the customer values from in-store data.

Features and benefits

  • Real-time people counts break down by customer profiles
  • Support real-time location-based promotion campaigns
  • Assess the impacts of changes in sales volume
  • Enhance productivity of sales staff
  • Real-time access to data for faster decision making

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Interconnect simple and smart devices or sensors to each other, the Internet and humans in order to drive process automation and business value to consumers and enterprises

More and more technology will be interwoven seamlessly with the real world, promising improvement to our quality of life and security, whilst at the same time fundamentally disrupting business and society as we know it today. PCCW Solutions’ outstanding delivery capability, along with our Infinitum™ IoT platform can help you realize the benefits of this emerging technology.


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