Communication & Navigation System Management
PCCW Solutions has been providing engineering services to Hong Kong SAR's Civil Aviation Department for more than 40 years. We contribute to safe and efficient air-traffic operations at Hong Kong International Airport.

PCCW Solutions also provides solutions for port communications, navigation, surveillance and management systems, and maritime search-and-rescue systems.

Our all-round solutions and services to the Civil Aviation Department include consultation, hardware and equipment supply, installation, technical operation and round-the-clock maintenance. We also provide surveillance and communication solutions and maintenance services for the Marine Department.

Service scope

PCCW Solutions provides turnkey systems for the airport:

  • Air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communication
  • Navigation aids
  • Surveillance via radar systems and precision runway monitors
  • Air-traffic management, including radar data processing and flight data processing systems
  • Control Tower Simulation System for training air-traffic controllers
  • Airport data and voice communication
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Low-cost backup radar display

For marine traffic management, PCCW Solutions offers:

  • Radar systems
  • Communication systems
  • 24-hour multimedia logging system
  • Wireless control navigation system for marine traffic lights and foghorns
  • CCTV systems

Among our greatest accomplishments was the overnight move of the entire international airport from the old Kai Tak airport site to Chek Lap Kok in July 1998, in time for full operations the following morning.

Unique competitive edge

Support flexible one-stop service

The technical services can be provided on demand or tailor-made with professional expertise engineer. One-Stop Services are including design and build, system integration, consultative solutions and full range robust backup services, maintenance and system caring.

Excellent performance

Technical services are provided in high flexibility, competitive pricing, well design and build system solutions with professional and effective project management.

Customer benefits

  • Our air/vessel traffic services systems improve airport/harbor utilization, which in turn enhances efficiency while maintaining a high safety level in the airport/harbor
  • Solutions are built on a modular architecture, supporting gradual extension or upgrading of the system without changing the hardware. Improvement and enhancement of functions can be established by system evolution
  • High system availability and modular design minimize maintenance efforts and costs