Networked Smart Control and Energy Management System

Shopping malls, car parks, hotels, event venues and other centers can now benefit from a networked smart control and energy management system from PCCW Solutions.

An integral part of this cost-effective system is ZigBee, which connects devices wirelessly in such a way as to work together intelligently. This controls a wide range of appliances such as lighting on/off and dimmer, air-conditioning, curtains, DVD players and others. All such devices can be grouped in zones or floors for handy monitoring and control.

The application is installed in a central server that can be accessed via a web-based client interface. This means users can take control from a workstation, tablet or mobile phone anytime and from anywhere. Part of that control is capture of consumption statistics for each appliance, so that energy can be saved and appliance failure detected.


  • Common functionality simplifies implementation of a smart control network.

  • ZigBee’s wireless mesh network connects devices wirelessly to reduce cabling, minimizing the need for drilling and other work normally associated with renovation and installation.

  • Periodic device status reports are saved at a gateway or central server for the purpose of centralizing data management.

  • Network management and editing can be carried out anytime, from anywhere.


  • The system’s low power consumption saves money.

  • Easy usage monitoring provides customers with more extensive information on energy consumption than is oered by proprietary solutions.

  • One push of a button turns o all, or select appliances in a single room, on one floor or throughout an entire apartment.

  • A centralized server hosted on a secure cloud platform minimizes investment in IT infrastructure.

  • Highly-scalable network infrastructure configuration allows flexible system expansion.