Streaming Service
(Streaming Server Cluster)

Service overview

This allows customers to upload video and audio content to our servers and deliver files to an audience via the Internet. No waiting time is involved when downloading large video files for viewing, and various file formats are supported to meet today’s wide range of devices. Our on-demand and live streaming service provides customers with a flexible and reliable delivery method to meet specific business needs, while reducing a content owner’s infrastructure building costs.


Cross-platform support

The streaming platform is designed to support most leading standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) media formats, which means content can be viewed on any PC (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), as well as many mobile devices (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile).

Popular media platforms supported include Microsoft Windows Media, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, Apple iOS and Android.

Live streaming

Our Streaming Service supports single live events, as well as continuous broadcast of content. Streaming servers pull live feed from a customer’s encoder, while multiple streaming servers are able to pull live feeds from multiple encoders to provide a reliable and flexible service. Content is made available to users simultaneously.

Compatible live encoding protocols include: RTM, RTSP/RTP and MMS.

On-demand streaming

Pre-recorded video and audio content can be distributed globally. Media content is uploaded and stored on multiple streaming servers, ready to be made available to users.

File formats supported: WM (Windows Media: .wmv and .wma), FLV (Flash Video: .flv), MP4 (QuickTime container: .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2) , MP3 (.mp3).

Customer benefits

  • An enhanced user experience on a website that streams audio and video
  • Minimize infrastructure building costs
  • Effective channel for delivery of education, product demonstrations, entertainment and advertising content
  • As video is delivered through our Streaming Service, bandwidth is offloaded to the streaming servers, which means customers can save bandwidth on their web servers

Unique competitive edge

Flexibility format and high quality

Streaming Service is based on popular standard video content delivery technologies that include Windows Media, Adobe Flash and MPEG4. These proven technologies provide a robust and flexible platform for delivering standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) media to users all over the world. Using standard technology, any device running a different OS (eg Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or Android) is able to playback a video without complex setup or configuration. Support of standard streaming protocols means customers can easily connect their encoders to our streaming servers and provide live streaming.

Highly reliable

Streaming Service offers high levels of resilience. As well as achieving local resilience by using a set of streaming servers to provide the same video content, sets of servers are located at two different locations to provide an even more reliable service. If one set of servers falls out of service because of a site problem, another set at a different location swings into action to provide service.


A multimedia and web design company wanted to expand its website and integrate video into a project showcase. In order to lower investment cost, an on-demand video streaming service was established by embedding flash video in the website to demonstrate the high quality of the agency’s work. The company uploads video content to streaming servers, and a link to content was added to the website’s player. Audiences all over the world can now view the content without having to load onto the web server.