Deriving Strategic
Value from
Managed Services

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, enterprises are looking for solutions that can leverage emerging technologies to enable innovation and support new business initiatives. Disruptive technologies force businesses to rethink their service delivery strategy and corresponding business models to stay competitive.

New business models need new skills

The dynamic and technology driven economy we live in today requires enterprises to become agile and scalable, while remaining cost effective. Technology helps achieve these goals by transforming business models and corresponding outcomes. Implementing the right kind of technology though, requires a different set of skills and the question that beckons is – do you hire or outsource?

Increasingly, businesses are turning to outsourcing with a managed service provider to support digitalisation efforts. By outsourcing IT implementation through managed services, organisations can focus on their core business and strategic initiatives for sustainable growth.

Holistic managed services offerings

PCCW Solutions offers cost-effective managed service solutions to help organisations capitalise on exciting business opportunities in the Asian region with streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency and mitigated risks. Our world-class services are anchored on ITIL framework and industry best practises such as ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 to assist clients achieve operational excellence.

Our scope of services

Growing with our clients

PCCW Solutions has expanded its managed services to multiple countries with multi-site operations in the Southeast Asia. We have put great focus on growing our delivery centres in the Philippines and mainland China. With the establishment of the new Service Management Centre in Manila, the access to wider talent pool has further enhanced our services capabilities. This allows us to provide next-generation services and better support to multinational clients with operations across Asia.

Check out the broad spread of skills and experience of our delivery team in Manila:

Delivering value to your business

Access to up-to-date services and support for better user experience

Enjoy cost savings by managing IT budget efficiently and pay-as-you-go model

Achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and greater integration through automation

Empower business performance and scalability to adapt on market dynamics

Transition captive IT service delivery with effective process and knowledge retention

Seamlessly monitor, manage and optimise the multi-vendor environment

About PCCW Solutions

PCCW Solutions, the IT flagship of PCCW Group, is a leading IT services company in Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia. Ranked as No.1 IT Services Provider in Hong Kong by Gartner, PCCW Solutions is a vibrant organisation that is constantly growing and expanding its coverage, services and competencies.