HABBITZZ+, a fully automated and intelligent unmanned store with full integration with PCCW Solutions' premium ecommerce platform – HABBITZZ

PCCW Solutions opens a fully automated and intelligent unmanned store named HABBITZZ+, with full integration with its premium ecommerce platform – HABBITZZ. Seamlessly complementing convenient online shopping with touch-and-feel experience at the physical store, HABBITZZ+ creates a fun and interactive environment to enhance customer engagement and deliver frictionless shopping experience.

PCCW Solutions has been at the forefront of transforming businesses by adopting disruptive technologies and customer-centric approach. By unveiling HABBITZZ+ intelligent unmanned store, we are creating an unparallelled O2O journey with seamlessly integrated and complementary experiences of ecommerce and physical store.

Mr. Ramez Younan, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions

Benefits to shoppers
  • Enjoy intuitive and fun shopping experience with an array of premium items on both online and offline platforms
  • Equipped with intelligent product display station, product specifications or comparison can be obtained from the interactive displays instantly
  • Enable you to make smart choices on matching selections by trying on merchandise virtually with Infinitum Visum, an Internet-connected mirror
  • Discover new favourite items with smart recommendations cater to your preferences or interact with the service robots to get personalised recommendations
  • Added convenience to reserve the trending products and try out at the store before purchasing, shop at any time suits for your schedule, letting you get more time out of your day
  • Seamlessly integrated O2O shopping journey with biometric authentication, RFID technology and secure online payment, making your entire buying process easy, secure and efficient
Benefits to retailers and ecommerce players
  • Unlocking customer value by gathering and analysing the data throughout the buying journey, retailers can devise targeted business strategies and deliver personalised promotion for cross-sell and upsell to boost sales revenue
  • Leveraging floor tracking to analyse customer demographics and in-store interactions, the rich data visualisations help to optimise product placements and improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance omni-channel customer engagement with AI-powered chatbots, offering an interactive, conversational assistant with differentiated customer service around the clock
  • Turning a physical store into a data-driven smart store with fully automated buying process, empowered by AI, advanced analytics, facial recognition and RFID technology
  • Enable seamless O2O business model by launching complimenting online sales channel or unmanned store quickly with 24x7 operation to drive business growth

At PCCW Solutions, we believe the future of retail is about understanding and meeting the different needs of customers, and delivering differentiated shopping experience to consumers with the aid of innovative technologies.

Download the HABBITZZ app and visit the HABBITZZ+ intelligent unmanned store today. Please feel free to email us at pccwsolutions@pccw.com if you would like to know more about HABBITZZ+.

HABBITZZ, the ecommerce arm of PCCW Solutions, is a premium shopping ecommerce platform, offering a wide range of products from Hong Kong and international brands. Conceived in Hong Kong and designed to meet the needs of Hong Kong online shoppers with innovative use of technology, HABBITZZ offers a simple and intuitive online retail experience.

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