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As the world continues to shrink, technology does just the opposite. Being adaptable to change is a must in today’s digital era as this allows organisations to grow and expand into new markets, and deliver the optimal solutions for their customers. How will technology evolve businesses in the near future? Will it change the way businesses interact with customers?

Here are top 5 technology trends we anticipate in 2019 and how we see them shaping the overall customer experience and business transformation strategy.


IoT Goes Mainstream

As intelligent connected devices increasingly enhance the live of consumers, businesses will need to integrate these devices as part of their operations to regain and retain consumer base. More and more non-technology companies are turning towards IoT solutions to gain quicker insights into consumer preferences.


Greater Use of Digital Twins

To build efficiencies, organisations will look towards creating digital twins of products and assets to simulate real scenarios in order to detect issues, facilitate maintenance, and enhance production lifecycle. Digital twins move beyond IoT, utilising enterprise-wide data to understand an organisation’s operational business model in order to quickly react to changing conditions.


Blockchain Applications Extended
Throughout Value-Chains

As CIOs work towards establishing a data management strategy to balance business priorities with security requirements, the participation in the Blockchain data marketplace will increase. More organisations will seek to integrate Blockchain through various stages of their value chain for improved digital transparency.


Data Comes to the Edge

Access to data will become essential for businesses to defend their market position in the increasingly competitive environment. Data must then be available at the edge for both local processing and at central data centres. The speed and agility available around edge computing is perhaps its most important feature, allowing for quicker processing of connected devices, giving rise to more modular data centres around the world.


Building Up Cyber Resilience
Is High Priority

As the world becomes more digitally connected, enterprises will seek to not just prevent cyberattacks but also build resilience for recovery across various systems and devices within the ecosystem.

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