Data Center Services

Data Center Design and Build

With more than 20 years’ experience in data center management in Asia Pacific, PCCW Solutions helps customers to design and build data centers, while providing operational and transfer services.

Our data centers are focused on providing a secure and reliable environment with managed hosting and security services, along with network and facilities management and monitoring. This demonstrates a solid capability in data center design and project management for large-scale projects running concurrently.

PCCW Solutions helps customers build extraordinary data centers according to our design-and-build principles of scalability, versatility, security and connectivity. Scalability requires the site to be flexible enough to meet client needs in space provision and equipment allocation. Versatility stands for implementation of high redundancy and diversity in electrical and other installations, such as MVAC systems and telecommunications network, to ensure operations are never compromised. Security covers how we can best protect a customer’s data and systems. Finally, Connectivity ensures use of multiple carriers with a dual lead-in policy to guarantee non-stop operation of services.

Managed Services

PCCW Solutions is one of the largest managed services providers in the city today managing approximately 18,000 square meters of hosting areas, over 350 applications, over 1,000 servers, over 800 database instances, and over 30,000 end users.

Multi Router Traffic Grapher

Our MRTG allows you to plan your network capacity and expand accordingly, thereby increasing online cost efficiency and avoiding online congestion problems.

Site Management

Our customized Site Management consultancy service provides expert guidance for customers in terms of server hardware installation, operating system installation, web server installation and configuration.

Hosting and Facility Management

Our pre-constructed, carrier-class space and state-of-the-art facilities are served by an independent power supply, system redundancy, firewall protection and 24-hour security protection. This ensures your business benefits from top-notch security, faster connections, guaranteed reliability and highly-responsive round-the-clock technical support.

Unparalleled Network Connections

Our data centers are connected to the best high-performance local and regional Internet networks. In addition, our private and public peering connections to major ISPs and backbone providers in Asia, the US and rest of the world enable us to provide a secure, fast and safe network infrastructure.

World-Class Security

Our data centers are fully protected against any security breach, thanks to the latest hi-tech systems that include multi-level security traps, 24-hour patrols and continuous CCTV monitoring, along with electronic and biometric access control system.

Comprehensive Service Solutions

Our customer service plans cover hardware and software consultancy, systems integration and ongoing operational support. We provide a service that covers all aspects of your global e-business operations, from facilities management to total outsourcing.

Our dedicated team of IT experts help you develop, implement and manage your e-Business strategies in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Network Services

PCCW Solutions provides a superior networking platform through an integrated IT infrastructure architecture and the best network connectivity. Our data centers provide expanded coverage, quick and smooth data transmission, guaranteed high-speed bandwidth (local and international) and a flawless service that offers clients quality performance, reliability and scalability.

Performance – PCCW Solutions network services offer exceptional performance for companies requiring high-speed connectivity and bandwidth for their local and international traffic. Round-the-clock monitoring means your system’s networking needs are always met.

Reliability – Our network services are reliable and backed by a commitment to deliver the highest quality service to clients.

Scalability – Our network services are scalable and designed with client needs in mind. This allows companies to conserve resources for core business and provides them with the flexibility to add capacity on an as-and-when-needed basis.