Global Data Center Alliance

D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance

Initiated by PCCW Solutions, D-Infinitum is the global data center alliance network, which brings together the best-in-class data center providers into one place, where IT decision makers can find the best practices and cost-effective solutions for managing their IT infrastructures in many locations. Through strategic partnership, D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance aims to synergize local and regional presence of the industry players to provide agile and efficient co-location and hosting services to enterprises with diverse locations requirements.

Traditionally enterprises with global hosting needs would need to deal with multiple providers, get into complex, time-consuming commercial negotiations with differing capability and quality standards such as compliance with multi-currency and multi-legal jurisdiction. Through D-Infinitum, enterprises can streamline their buying cycle and enjoy multi-location hosting under a single contract with greater efficiency, transparency and flexibility.

Leveraging PCCW Group’s world-class capabilities and global connectivity, the D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance will provide a full suite of hosting and co-location services in addition to connectivity and value-added services, offering a one-stop hub for clients’ global hosting needs, enabling them to reap the maximum benefits of each of the location to achieve their availability, performance, security and capacity requirements.