On-demand Webinar:
Transforming Credit Card Loyalty Program -
From Cost Center to Profit Center


Attractive reward redemption is one of the most effective tactics for banks to differentiate themselves and maintain customer loyalty for their credit card business. Banks are looking for ways to innovate their loyalty reward program in boosting the margins and delivering more tangible values to consumers.

Join this webinar to learn how our Credit Card Rewards Marketplace can transform your loyalty program from a cost center to a profit center, empowering you to connect with a wide range of merchants in providing more competitive rewards options to consumers.

Topics covered in this webinar:

• Rethink your credit card loyalty program’s reward model
• Create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for banks, merchants and consumers
• Unleash the power of the Credit Card Rewards Marketplace
• How to build a marketplace with greater customer value and revenue

*Conducted in English*


Peter Reumert
Director of eCommerce and Retail
PCCW Solutions

Peter has been leading multi-cultural teams in running eCommerce business for over a decade. His entrepreneurial mindset, innovative strategy and deep understanding of market landscape delivered high performance in its ventures.

On-demand Webinar

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