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Empowering Smart Construction with Digital Technology


The construction industry is reshaping itself to enter the digital age to tackle common challenges such as work efficiency, employee safety and on-time delivery. How can digital technologies fast-track construction and optimize productivity?

Join this webinar to get expert insights on smart construction, leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies and innovative applications to build a more connected, smarter and safer construction site while improving business performance.

Topics covered in this webinar:

• How to leverage 5G and IoT to expedite project delivery and facilitate real-time collaboration in construction
• Make use of ELV and ICT systems to achieve effective remote monitoring and quality control
• Enhance workplace safety with AI-powered applications
• Case sharing: Fast-track construction of the quarantine facilities at Penny’s Bay

*The webinar was conducted in Cantonese


Simon Leung
Senior Client Development Manager
PCCW Solutions

With solid technical knowledge and implementation experience in security and building management solutions for large-scale deployment, Simon provides professional consulting services to advise the most suitable IT solutions that cater for clients’ business needs.

On-demand Webinar

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