New challenges confront the telecommunications, media and technology industries everyday in the form of intense competition, downward pricing pressures, emerging technologies and upwardly spiraling expectations from customers. The service providers are driven to find new ways of keeping costs down and streamlining processes to the optimum, while providing high-quality products and services to keep customers satisfied.

PCCW Solutions helps service providers grow their business, boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs by tailoring solutions to customer needs, riding on its industry expertise plus an impressive track record of innovation.

Disruptions & Opportunities

The key for Communications, Media and Telecom (CMT) companies to win in the digital era is to strike the right balance between digitalizing the core business and identifying new paths to growth. Within the core business, digital technologies can be applied throughout the value chain to improve the customer experience, simplify processes, and reduce costs. At the same time, companies can take advantage of technical developments and emerging customer needs to create new routes to revenue.

The Internet of Things

IDC forecasted that worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) would reach US $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 14.6% over the US $674 billion that spent in 2017.

Acquisitions by CMT companies of IoT related firms reached US$ 93.3 billion. Adoption of IoT is gaining traction, 65% of CMT companies Marsh & McLennan interviewed in 2018 CMT Risk Study in January this year recognize IoT as an opportunity over the next three to five years.

Digital and Omni-channel Customer Experience

Digitalization continues reshaping CMT industries with telecom coming second only to media in the ranking of sectors expecting moderate or massive digital disruption. McKinsey calculated that digitalization could enable CMT companies to improve profits by as much as 35%. To come out on top of the digital revolution, companies need to create great customer journeys which require excellence in every interaction, clear cross-channel pathway and seamless customer experience.

On-demand and Configurable Services

Digital touchpoints influence customers’ preferences throughout the buyer’s journey. Gartner estimated the diverse "post-app" era will emerge over the next few years, and dedicated mobility initiatives must consider an assumed ubiquity of services that are delivered contextually to users across all manner of smart devices. CMT companies need to transform service delivery model and provide personalized and easy-to-use configurable services across all channels on demand.

Solutions for Communications

Over-the-top (OTT) Media Solutions

Media companies and content providers have valuable assets and contents for distribution...


Analytics-driven campaign & loyalty management

CMT players have valuable untapped asset in the torrents of information about customers that flow through the organization...


Smart Parking and Charging

Combining outstanding delivery capability with industry expertise, PCCW Solutions has developed...


Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) provides an integrated platform to support the configuration...


Real-time, self-service portal

Web and mobile apps empower customers to access services and report their needs at any time...


Dynamic and real-time billing

It’s paramount for operators to deploy real-time billing for improved customer experience and operational...


Dynamic Workforce Management Solution

Many existing Field Work Management Systems rely heavily on paper and traditional land line telephone calls...