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As the public demand for higher-standard and more sophisticated services, organisations in the public sector need to provide responsive, automated and secure services by leveraging the right technology, applications and infrastructure.

With experiences in serving the public sector and strong expertise in implementing mission-critical IT systems and related services, Lenovo PCCW Solutions helps organisations further enhance operational efficiency by upgrading legacy systems and implementing cutting-edge technologies.

In particulars, with two decades of working relationship with Hong Kong Government, we have gained significant domain knowledge with the Public sector. Our experts have implemented a wide range of government specific technology solutions having to do with the Web, Desktop, Mobile, Integration, Collaboration, Business Critical Applications, Customer Service Centre, Central Command Centre, Secured Data Centre, Business Analytics and much more, not only helping internal users and stakeholder to do their jobs better and more efficiently, but create solutions that can positively affect constituents directly. When it comes to building best practise and open technology-based solutions for our government customers we always aim to provide them with an end product that is both scalable and secure, completely flexible, feature-packed and high performing, constructed using only the state-of-the-art, proven and commercially supported technologies.

Disruptions & Opportunities

With the growing influence of digital transformation in the public sector, governments around the world are looking to digitise their existing processes, facilitate citizen engagement and optimise operations. The key is to harness the power of digital technologies to realign government services with the needs and expectations of citizens, so as to enhance service delivery and spur economic development.


Our secure solution enables registration and issuance of ID cards with adoption of digital imaging and biometrics, under a fully electronic workflow system. Meeting stringent regulations whilst improving customer experience. We provide secure access control which is governed by two-factor authentication to protect customer data to perform authorisation identification, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials. We also provide workflows design, project management and business processes re-engineering services.

In the digital era, a reliable and secure web application hosting platform is crucial to developing citizen-centric e-Government services. Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers a total e-Government solution from strategy to implementation, we develop and design flexible, reliable and secure hosting platform with round-the-clock monitoring for the government departments to operate efficiently and provide 24x7 convenience to citizens.

Public safety is powered by advanced Computer Aided Dispatch system to reduce response time and streamline the dispatch process. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Communal Information System, Centralised Surveillance System, Policy Mobilisation and Crime Detection, leveraging the digital technologies to provide insightful analysis for action planning and instant access to required information in delivering responsive services.

Built on a secure IT platform with robust authentication and authorisation technologies, Lenovo PCCW Solutions’ centralised Health Record system enables capture of comprehensive data in real-time and access to extensive patients records with greater efficiency. Our Emergency Mobilisation solution is developed to provide responsive service to emergency with the help of location-based system, while our Automated e-Services can reduce no-show appointment by 50% and cut down daily revenue lost.

End-to-end security solutions from security assessment, penetration test to endpoint protection that meet stringent regulations.

It can secure valuable data and safeguard reputation from data leakage. The penetration test is the best simulation for acting real life situations of attacks towards the live environment.

Our service covers all your security needs from designing and building security solutions to day-to-day security management. Our endpoint protection solutions consist of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features.

Intelligence Threat Management System

End-to-end Security Solutions

Hong Kong has drawn up healthcare reform plans that include development of a territory-wide electronic health records system. This will integrate a variety of private patient data - and in conjunction with managed identification, will enable access to extensive confidential server-based patient records for all public and private healthcare providers. Implementation of this sophisticated system demands a highly-secure and efficient IT platform - plus of the utmost trust.

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Lenovo PCCW Solutions' hospital RFID monitoring solution is developed as in view of such need. It can provide real time monitoring for baby, patient and asset and enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

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