Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics


To stay ahead of competition, manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers need to identify ways to accelerate the production cycles, ensure quality delivery and offer exceptional customer experience. The convergence of cloud computing, mobile communications, big data analytics and sensors has created new opportunities for customer engagement, enabling timely decision making and better operation management and logistic control.

PCCW Solutions helps manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers enhance automation, expedite workflow and enhance communications with customers. By adopting advanced technology, manufacturers, logistic service providers and retailers are able to speed up their response to the market and capture more new business opportunities.

Disruptions & Opportunities

Digital disruption is happening in retail, however less than one quarter of retailers are actively doing anything about it. Disruption presents both a major threat and a big opportunity. Failing to adapt puts retailers at a high risk of being displaced. ‘Disrupting yourself’ and becoming a digital retailer opens up a world of new possibilities.

The opportunity is huge. Retail Digital Value at stake is US$506 billion globally over the next three years. Last year, the retail industry as a whole realized only 15% of its potential Digital Value at Stake.

Customer Experience

Meaningful customer experience and brand engagement is crucial. Gartner's customer experience report suggests that in 2017, 89% of marketing leaders expected the customer experience to be their primary basis for competitive differentiation.

In order to drive loyalty as well as repeat customers, retailers focus on the whole customer experience, from the moment they consider a purchase through to the after-sales service. Retailers have started to understand the importance of curating the whole experience. Digital convergence has the potential to transform the customer experience; a growing opportunity for retailers to set themselves apart.

Mobile Shopping

KPMG's 2017 survey of more than 18,000 consumers, ‘The truth about online consumers’ shows only 23% of consumers prefer visiting shops, while the rest prefer to shop online.

E-commerce has been steadily on the rise in recent years, yet it may not be the next true frontier for shopping as m-commerce continues to become more popular. Smartphones are rapidly increasing their share of online retail traffic. Mobile-first sites, dedicated apps, emerging payment methods and other tools are making shopping on smartphones much easier.


Personalization can bring more value to a customer as they receive a more targeted experience. Personalizing the shopping experience also drives repeat business. KPMG's recent survey found that customized promotions, exclusive member offers and customer recognition across channels were among the top ten drivers of customer loyalty.

Retailers continue leveraging personalization to bring together all digital and physical channels with the latest technologies, which will create a true omni-channel customer experience.

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