Travel and Transportation


Organizations in transportation industry are in need of sophisticated systems to manage their assets, information, operation and surveillance, in order to provide timely, relevant and high quality services and information to the end users.

PCCW Solutions delivers highly-sophisticated systems for transportation operators and airports based on extensive experience in transportation industry; enables service providers to furnish passengers with accurate and comprehensive service information in real time.

Disruptions & Opportunities

The adoption of digital technologies enables T&T operators to deliver services more safely and efficiently, with intelligent networks and greater automation. Smart mobility could create a more seamless, more efficient, more comfortable travel experience that accommodates the needs of various commuters.


The number of cars on the road will nearly double by 2040 with 2 billions cars and 790 million trucks – World Economic Forum

20% of mid size and large cities will begin to implement Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) capabilities by 2020 in response to developments in connected vehicles – IDC Futurescapes


The Asia Pacific market alone accounts for more than 30% of global air traffic with over a billion passengers travelling by air annually

Most airports expect 74% increase in IT spending and biometric identity management and artificial intelligence are the top priority with 29% of airports planning to implement passenger identity management - SITA Air Transport IT Trends 2017


1.3 billion passengers were carried per kilometer worldwide by rail in 2017 - International Transport Forum

To improve customer service, operators transform the railway systems digitally utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology with the use of sensors, machine learning analytics and cloud

Solutions for Travel and Transportation

Tactical Control System

With thorough understanding of the workflow and operation of the transportation operators, PCCW Solutions provides...


Track Access Management System

PCCW Solutions’ Track Access Management System allows railway operators to optimize the engineering work...


Digital Airport Solutions

End-to-end digital solutions to create a smarter, greener and secure airport...


Control Tower Simulation System

Leveraging virtual reality technology, PCCW Solutions provides Control Tower Simulation System to simulate...


Infinitum Parking and Charging

Our Infinitum Parking and Charging solution enables T&T operators to optimize utilization of parking...