Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

The future of manufacturing technologies in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, as the next industrial revolution, brings in a new wave of connected manufacturers and smart factories. The disruptive technological advancements, such as machine learning, blockchain, data intelligence, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics, are changing the way products and services are manufactured, designed, and marketed.

According to a recent report published by WEF in collaboration with McKinsey, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to create up to USD $3.7 trillion in value by 2025. The global race for innovation leadership in Industry 4.0 is picking up pace. Two thirds of industrial companies worldwide say that digitising the production value chain is one of their highest priorities.

The smart factory in Industry 4.0

The smart factory represents a leap forward from traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system. A true smart factory can integrate data from system-wide physical, operational, and human assets to drive manufacturing, maintenance, inventory tracking, digitisation of operations through the digital twin*, and other types of activities across the entire manufacturing network. Leveraging technologies like 3D printing, cloud, machine learning, and IoT can increase agility and extend the manufacturing network.

*Digital twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by using simulations.

SAP Manufacturing Suite

SAP Manufacturing Suite is a fully integrated solution from machine level to ERP, which can empower manufacturers to build smart factory. It enables enterprises to integrate and embed intelligence in manufacturing processes, facilitating Industry 4.0 principles with one source of real-time information.

The SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) is a powerful, enterprise-level, scalable manufacturing business solution that enables global manufacturers to manage and control manufacturing and shop floor operations.

Benefits of SAP ME for manufacturers:

  • Provide users with real-time visibility across entire enterprise
  • Access to real-time data to make quick and informed decisions
  • Accurately track and manage WIP to ensure production of right products at right time
  • Optimise plant performance and profitability
  • Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective action processes

PCCW Solutions provides high-quality services for SAP solutions

PCCW Solutions, as a certified Gold Channel SAP partner for in Hong Kong and mainland China, holds a wealth of experience in implementing and upgrading all-rounded SAP solutions in Hong Kong, mainland China and other Asia Pacific markets. We help manufacturers transform digitally in Industry 4.0 era, improving operational efficiency and delivering great customer experience.

We are the only SAP certified provider in hosting and cloud services for both Hong Kong and mainland China, providing full range of IT consulting and managed services for your mission critical SAP solutions.

Our service offerings for SAP manufacturing solutions include:

  • Analysis and optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Architecture and process consulting for manufacturing execution solutions
  • Design and implementation of automation solutions
  • Integration of standard SAP ME solutions
  • Customised extensions for SAP ME solutions
  • Equipment integration services

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