Accelerating Telecom Innovations with Low‑Code/No‑Code Platforms

Low-code/no-code (LCNC) technologies have become the hottest thing in the telecom industry to address many aspects of the agility challenges. A recent survey stated that nearly 45% of the telecom operators had already implemented some form of a low-/no-code solution in their organisations. Another 32% of CSPs indicated they had plans to implement low-/no-code in the future.

Empowering Digital Transformation of Telecom Operators

LCNC can make integration and customisation simpler, enable rapid delivery of business applications and quicken innovation development. By deploying low-code business support systems (BSS), telecom operators can build unique digital experiences and accelerate new products launch, quickly adapt to market needs and maintain competitiveness.

Simpler Integration to Increase Agility

PCCW Solutions has adopted LCNC approach to develop the Infinitum Communications Suite (ICS), a cloud-native solution for telecom operators. In ICS, we have used the ‘code once, plug anywhere’ approach to develop a TM Forum Open API compliant and certified, micro-frontend (MFE), backend-for-the-frontend (BFF) and RESTful microservice based architecture, which can be easily integrated with any modern application.

Download the insights paper to learn how a radicalised LCNC digital platform empowers telecom operators to differentiate in the 5G era.

Download Insights Paper - Why telcos need a radicalised, low‑code/no‑code digital platform as a differentiator in the 5G era?

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