Creating Smarter Buildings for Sustainability

As cities across the globe strive towards sustainability, smart building technologies are becoming more prevalent. Smart buildings can provide occupants with greater convenience while contributing to a greener environment. AI, 5G and IoT technologies are enabling more innovative applications to optimise building operations, yielding valuable energy savings and higher efficiency, and ultimately creating a sustainable future.

Enhancing Efficiency with Connectivity

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, PCCW Solutions creates a digitally connected environment to support smart building initiatives. Powered by LoRaWAN-based IoT systems, a mesh of smart sensors are implemented to optimise energy consumption and monitor building environmental parameters in real-time. Infusing AI and predictive analytics, the intelligent system can detect building performance and proactively initiate maintenance procedures. Smart cameras can effectively improve visitor management and healthcare security operations.

Facilitate Sustainable Living through Technology

Smart buildings deploy a range of innovative solutions to enrich occupants' experience and facilitate sustainable living. Smart vehicle identification system can automatically recognise car plates and tighten access control. Smart parking and charging solution enables electronic vehicles drivers to locate charging stations and reserve parking space seamlessly. Smart energy management combined with renewable energy systems can reduce carbon footprint dramatically and further improve sustainability.

Watch the video to discover the innovations in creating smarter and greener buildings.