Digitalising Visa Application to Enhance Security and Efficiency

To comply with international standards for enhanced immigration and border control, immigration offices around the world are adopting innovative solutions for visa application with sophisticated biometric, anti-forgery and security measures. With proven expertise in identity management technologies, PCCW Solutions assisted a government agency to develop the next generation visa application system to counter illegal immigration, forgeries and terrorism.

Next Generation Visa Application System

Utilising cutting-edge technologies including fingerprint identification, facial recognition, data analytics and AI, immigration departments are empowered to effectively identify illegal immigrants and ineligible visa applicants by comparing the applicants’ biometric data against the big data. The visa application system is built on a secured cloud platform with end-to-end data encryption, providing flexibility and scalability while complying with stringent security standards.

Enhancing User Experience and Security

The system supports a large number of visa applications globally and allows the worldwide travellers to submit the applications online anytime, anywhere. The platform is designed to streamline the data verification and approval to maximise operational efficiency, shortening the visa application processing time from weeks to days. More importantly, it also provides an effective solution adhering to international standards for enhanced public safety.

Watch the video to explore the features and benefits of the next generation visa application system.