Driving Digital Transformation with Infinitum Communications Suite

The communications industry is heading to a reimagined digital future with the opportunity that comes with digital transformation. Communications service providers (CSPs) must transform into digital service providers (DSP) to remain competitive and relevant to customers. To empower digital transformation for CSPs, PCCW Solutions recently released Infinitum Communications Suite (ICS) to help CSPs quickly launch new offerings, transform digital engagement and drive operational excellence.

Orchestrating Digital Services End-to-end

Infinitum Communications Suite is a cloud-native platform with a suite of agile digital solutions to support multiple business units of CSPs on a single platform. ICS consists of four modular components, namely Digital Experience Suite, Agent Desktop Suite, Product Catalog Suite and Order Management Suite, with rich functionalities to automate and streamline the end-to-end selling, ordering and monetising processes.

Cloud-native Platform for Agile Operations

Built upon microservices architecture and open API framework, ICS offers agility and interoperability to ease integration, speed up deployment and drive innovation. CSPs can leverage ICS to accelerate products launch from months to days, improve time-to-market, deliver omni-channel experience to improve customer satisfaction and drive data-driven transformation.

  • Supports rapid delivery of solutions based on microservices and cloud-native architecture
  • Adopts TM Forum’s suite of certified open APIs and information framework (SID)
  • Optimises operations with dynamic workflows and product catalogue customisation
  • Centralised data analytics hub to capture and analyse customer interactions

Watch the video to learn how Infinitum Communications Suite can accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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