Driving Smart City Development and FinTech Innovations in Hong Kong

PCCW Solutions has been playing a key role in implementing and operating some of the most mission-critical and large-scale IT systems in Hong Kong. We are delighted to be the long-term trusted partner of the HKSAR Government, serving over 80 bureaux and departments to digitally transform citizen services and improve operational efficiency.

PCCW Solutions is committed to contributing positively to smart city development and FinTech innovations in Hong Kong. Here are some of the featured projects that drive Hong Kong’s digitalisation.

Smart Mobility

Intelligent Transport System and Traffic Management

PCCW Solutions supports the Transport Department to modernise its Transport Information System, enabling efficient processing of a vast amount of traffic and transport data for real-time traffic predictions and better transport management.

We facilitate the passenger movements by supporting the Immigration Department to implement Immigration Control System at Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point, with round-the-clock services to streamline passenger traffic.

Smart Airport

We are the trusted partner of the Airport Authority to provide professional technical services for airport system works at Hong Kong International Airport, facilitating effective communications, enhanced operations efficiency and passenger experience.

Provision of 24x7 high-quality technical services to operate and maintain safety-critical air traffic control system, PCCW Solutions has been assisting the Civil Aviation Department to provide a safe, efficient and sustainable air transport system for Hong Kong.

Smart Living

Smart Applications

PCCW Solutions adopts the latest digital technologies to support the Immigrant Department to design and implement the Next Generation Smart Identity Card System (SMARTICS-2) and the Next Generation Electronic Passport System (e-Passport-2), serving more than 9 million users for decades. The systems empower the provision of omni-channel digital services to the public, delivering unified customer experience with automation, security and self-service means.

Adoption of Technology

PCCW Solutions blends a customer-centric approach with cutting-edge technologies to accelerate digital adoption. We maintain the eTax portal for the Inland Revenue Department to increase operational efficiency, driving the uptake of online services to benefit about 1 million taxpayers in Hong Kong.

Smart Economy

Digital Payment

PCCW Solutions designed and built a robust IT platform for a leading financial services company to launch QR code payment service, enabling passengers to enjoy scan-and-go experience with greater convenience. We have also integrated credit card, Octopus, Faster Payment System and other digital payment means with SMARTICS-2 and e-Passport-2, allowing the public to conduct e-transactions seamlessly.

FinTech Initiatives

PCCW Solutions fosters FinTech innovations through collaborating with technology partners to develop innovative solutions and reshape the ecosystem with open APIs. We designed and implemented the Next Generation Licencing Platform for a financial regulator to digitise the entire licencing lifecycle, improving user experience and process efficiency.

Smart Government

Smart City Infrastructure

We implemented the cloud hosting infrastructure platform for the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to facilitate flexible and efficient delivery of more than 160 e-Government services to the Hong Kong citizens.

We have been supporting the Treasury to maintain and operate the highly-sophisticated Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS), streamlining and automating the accounting and financial management processes and operating the help desk to serve over 10,000 users across over 80 government bureaux and departments.