Driving Smart Mobility for Cities of Tomorrow

Forward-thinking cities are embracing digital innovation to drive smart mobility. The convergence of cloud, data analytics, AI and IoT technologies enable efficient, reliable and affordable transport, creating enhanced travel experience, improving quality of life and contributing to a sustainable future.

Sophisticated Transport Systems across the City

Intelligent transport infrastructure such as contactless payment system and smart parking mobile app facilitates seamless and efficient travel across the city. Making use of the intelligent transport information system, real-time traffic conditions and recommended paths are provided to the road users to optimise traffic flow. The control point system introduces automated border control checks and self-service immigration clearance, allowing round-the-clock cargo traffic and passenger movement for smooth cross-border travel and trade.

Safe and Efficient Travel

The adoption of advanced technologies brings enhancements in safety and efficiency across different modes of transport. 24x7 professional technical supports safeguard the aviation safety, while various marine control systems are developed to better coordinate the traffic of the ports. Using IoT to monitor asset health and infusing predictive analytics to identify faults, transport operators can take proactive measures to improve service levels.

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