Empowering Digital Transformation through
IP Innovation

PCCW Solutions has been driving innovation and developing Intellectual Property (IP) solutions to empower digital transformation and the growth of enterprises in various industries across the region. Successful deployment paves the way for similar projects to be replicated outside Hong Kong, allowing PCCW Solutions to expand its presence and clientele in Southeast Asia.


Our Digital Business Enablement System enables telecom service providers to modernize CRM and order management, optimize all customer interactions and achieve single customer view across line of businesses.

We enabled a leading telecom service provider in Singapore to undergo business transformation, enhancing digital experience with unified customer management platform and self-services portal.

Travel & Transportation

Our Track Access Management System (TAMS) enables railway operators to automate manual processes, optimizing daily engineering and maintenance work planning over the railway tracks to enhance operational efficiency.

We supported a railway operator in Singapore to simplify and optimize track booking and allocation processes to better schedule their maintenance activities, enabling them to maximize engineering hours and maintain high service levels to the commuters.


Our Online Marketplace empowers retailers to develop their eCommerce business quickly and cost-effectively, optimizing the loyalty program to drive revenue and customer engagement.

We implemented the Online Marketplace for a regional direct selling company, revamping their e-stores with customer-centric design to drive eCommerce sales.

Financial Services

Our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provides a unified cloud integration platform to all enterprises, seamlessly integrating with all third party systems with Open APIs.

We supported a financial institution to deploy iPaaS for launching their digital services, achieving high agility and scalability to support high volume of transactions.


Our Next Generation Insurance Platform empowers insurance companies to accelerate digitalization, transforming customer journey with straight through processing, shortening product launch time from months to weeks.

We supported FTLife to implement the Next Generation Insurance Platform integrated with mobile sales tools to digitize end-to-end processes. The platform empowered FTLife to effectively deepen customer engagement across all digital channels, with faster quotation and contractual process to shorten sales cycle.


Our Integrated Smart Mall Platform empowers the shopping malls to digitize customer services, increase facilities usability and elevate customer experience for sustainable business growth.

We implemented the LoRaWAN-based smart mall platform for a shopping mall, seamlessly integrating with various third-party applications to deliver differentiated services and personalized shopping experience.


Our Infinitum Visum Smart Mirror empowers connected lifestyles with a suite of innovative applications for personal convenience, entertainment and improved productivity, opening up a new frontier of convenience and customer experience.

We supported Vanke Hong Kong to deliver smart home innovations in its residential property with Infinitum Visum Smart Mirror, adding value to the properties and improving residents’ quality of life with innovative, comfortable and intelligent home-automation experiences.

Our Smart Parking and Charging solution enables shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings to deliver seamless experience to the electric vehicle drivers and capitalize on business opportunities.

We implemented Smart Parking system for a leading service provider to support its car park operations, enhanced customer experience by providing 60 day pre-book service and mobile payment through Smart Parking app.