How to Engage Customers with
Effective Video Marketing Strategies?

Aug 24, 2021


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As most audience are visual learners with shrinking attention span, video marketing is considered as one of the most versatile, digestible and engaging strategies throughout the customer buying journey. A recent survey showed that 54% of marketers claimed video as the most valuable content format to achieve their goals in social media.i Another survey found that more than 78% marketers agreed video contents can increase their website traffic, lengthen the average time their visitors spend on page, and grow sales to enhance ROI.ii However, less than 15% of marketers’ social posts in Facebook and Instagram have actually included video contents. Non-video marketers claimed that they don’t know where to start and lack time as well; in this case, professional digital marketing services may help tackle their problems.

Building a strong brand reputation through multi-channel

Businesses can make use of multiple social media channels to publish engaging videos to increase brand awareness and enlarge community base with different targeted audience. One advice is not to publish the same content on all platforms. Facebook is a good social media platform for longer videos such as interviews, Q&A and live videos. Instagram is a visual-first platform and short videos will be the best format. Besides feeds, IG Stories are so popular among social media users. YouTube is an influencing social network and one of the largest search engines, which is good to publish company’s trailers, hype reels trailers and long-form videos.

Below are some video production best practises to sustain growth and success:

  • Make your videos educational, inspiring and entertaining
  • Grab viewers' attention in the first 10 seconds
  • Make sure videos work well while playing without sound
  • Different social channels shall be leveraged according to varied video durations: 3-min videos perform well on Facebook, 1-min videos are suggested to post on Instagram
  • Upload native videos rather than sharing video links to increase the chance of appearance
  • Use creative ideas to attract audiences and make the video viral
  • Make it mobile-friendly in suitable format, such as widescreen on Facebook post, vertical-first on Instagram Stories
  • Add a call-to-action to tell viewers what you want them to do after viewing the video

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