Increased Business Resilience through Managed Services

Nov 18, 2020

GianChrister Tome
International Marketing
PCCW Solutions

The managed services market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of approximately 11.27% by 2025i , with Asia-Pacific to be the fastest growing market, owing to the rapidly increasing adoption of IoT, cloud infrastructure and big data across organisations as a major part of their digital transformation journey.

Southeast Asian companies see hybrid cloud as an ideal IT model but they’re struggling to adopt the technology, with 70 % of organisations believe their transformation is taking longer than expected.ii Enterprises are looking for flexibility, thus they are seeking partnerships with managed service providers (MSPs) to navigate IT complexities, speed up the rate of digitalisation and achieve business resilience during uncertain times.

Redefining the overall enterprise process

According to a recent survey report, 59% of business executives cite cybersecurity as the biggest challenge for managing IT in-house.iii The other major challenges include finding and retaining right people (51%), lack of key IT skills (50%) and infrastructure complexity (49%). Enterprises are shifting towards managed services to overcome IT challenges, with the most outsourced technologies being security (58%), cloud infrastructure (55%) and systems management (50%).

Empowering enterprises to focus on core competencies

The ability to integrate the increasingly diverse technologies across business ecosystems is a critical capability for organisations today. By partnering with managed service providers, enterprises can digitalise their business operations, improve their resilience and IT agility

End-to-end automation – leveraging digital technologies to help you integrate systems and simplify processes for superior performance and efficiency gains
Hassle-free IT support – minimise your IT interruptions and cybersecurity threats with proactive alerts, prevent downtime through regular maintenance and systems patching
Accelerate cloud deployment – empower you to take full advantage of cloud platform by supporting the entire cloud journey, from migration, implementation to ongoing operation

Holistic digital transformation approach

PCCW Solutions offers customised managed services and differentiated turnkey solutions that empower enterprises to:

• Gain agility to adapt on market dynamics through the right IT skills
• Achieve integrated IT service management and delivery
• Optimise overall business productivity, security and performance

Anchored on industry best practises and standards such as ITIL, PMP, ISO9001 and ISO20000 to optimise client’s application environments, our complete managed services suite addresses enterprises’ outsourcing needs from service desk, application management to infrastructure support.