Innovate Digital Finance to Drive Competitive Edge

Consumer behaviours are changing at an unprecedented speed, driving financial services providers to shift towards digital channels adopting a mobile-first and self-service approach, delivering greater flexibility, convenience and security.

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The future of technology-driven financial services

With the proliferation of mobile devices and growing expectations for real-time and connected digital financial services, innovative technologies such as AI, Blockchain and IoT have accelerated digital transformation of financial institutions to seamlessly blend consumer experience across multiple channels. The ultimate goal is to deliver personalised services and experience to fit consumers’ different needs and make banking become part of their overall digital lifestyle.

Unlock full potential of digital ecosystems

Financial services institutions realise that a robust digital ecosystem is the prerequisite to thrive in the mobile-first era, where almost all human-centric services can be quickly accessed through mobile devices. The ecosystems can be built by collaborative business models within FinTech firms and require open system architectures and platform collaboration processes to function effectively and enhance competitiveness. To prepare for the next stages of digital disruption, it is also important for financial services providers to seek partnership with the right service provider who possesses strong technical expertise and local financial practises.


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