Open Banking and API –
The New Era of Innovation in Banking

API is the connector of Open Banking

The explosive growth in the use of application programming interface (API) is reshaping the way businesses communicate, how innovations are developed and delivered to customers. API is getting more important for the banking industry, enabling third parties access on shared data from banks to create innovative services and deliver personalised experience to consumers.

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Open Banking is the new normal

Open Banking is fast becoming the standard for banks globally, emerging as the vital enabler underpinning a new era of banking. The platform-based business approach is both a differentiator and an opportunity to thrive and scale in the competitive market. By embracing Open Banking API, financial institutions can develop more new customer-centric services through the secure collaborative ecosystem, creating next-level digital experiences while improving customer engagement.

API management as the key to digital transformation

Comprehensive API management is essential to the rapid adoption of API, while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. The proven approach is to combine the capabilities of API management with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), the unified integration platform can connect silos applications, enable faster processes deployment and improve quality of data integration. This serves as the powerful foundation to create API and manage the API lifecycle to support Open Banking initiatives.

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