Reinventing Telecom Industry
in the Digital-Driven Future

Market forces are reshaping the future of telecom

Advances in digital technology and the evolving demands of customers will spark a rapid transformation within the telecom industry. With 5G hitting the market, businesses and consumers have come to expect instant access to anything, anytime, anywhere. To lead in this new era, telecom service providers must look for pioneering ways to reinvent digital experience, accelerate service agility and deliver unique innovations.

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Digital engagements with zero-touch experience

Telecom industry’s transformation journey involves full digital customer lifecycle processes from on-demand services, zero-touch provisioning to dynamic service delivery, all with real-time digital notifications. Telecom service providers seek ways to engage customers via digital channels and transform their processes end-to-end.

Through intuitive self-service portal, telecom service providers empower customers to explore, order and activate the on-demand services digitally. From self-configuration to real-time billing, consumers can enjoy fully automated zero-touch experience and frictionless service provisioning within minutes.

Accelerate service innovation with intelligent network

With the advent of 5G, telecom service providers need to re-envision their network with DevOps, AI-powered analytics and SDN-NFV network technologies to conduct intelligent, agile and responsive service operations. The intelligent network empowers business transformation with a smarter experience and differentiated offerings. Telecom service providers should also embrace open APIs to develop more innovative services, unlock new revenue stream and deliver unique customer experience.


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