Transforming Passenger Experience and Journey through Smart Airport

The demand for efficient airport operations and personalised services has accelerated digital transformation of airports in delivering a more convenient and hassle-free journey to travellers. According to SITA’s annual Air Transport IT Insights report, key priorities for airlines and airports between 2020 and 2023 are touchless journey, biometric identity, support for remote workers and adapting to new health and safety protocols. i

Redefining Passenger Experiences with Digital Solutions

Airports are increasingly adopting advanced digital technologies to create a pleasant and unique experience for passengers. By deploying a number of self-service technologies, smart airports not only simplify the airport journey but also seamlessly deliver contactless experiences. Intelligent mobile application offers a holistic journey platform providing passengers with real-time information and personalised services, such as flight status, airport directories, smart parking services, shopping and dining choices.

Achieving Operational Excellence and Business Value

Real-time visualised information and analysis of operations in the airport enable efficient passenger and workforce management. Through the integration of different security elements with AI, the smart airport also enhances situation awareness and passenger safety. Moreover, digital signage and intelligent RFID display stations at retail shops provide complete product details with promotional offers, generating new revenue streams for business success.

Watch the video to learn how innovative applications can support smart airport initiatives.


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