Infinitum Visum recognized in PCM Biz IT Excellence Awards

Sep 24, 2018

PCCW Solutions has recently won the ‘IT Solution Excellence – Retail Industry’ category in PCM Biz IT Excellence 2018 with our flagship Internet-connected mirror Infinitum Visum. Presented by Hong Kong’s top-tier IT magazine – PC Market, this award recognizes the best practices in business IT applications and the continuous development in innovative solutions for the industry.

Infinitum Visum enables retailers to provide in-store virtual try-on and seamless online-to-offline shopping experiences to the shoppers. The data collected via Infinitum Visum platform can also be integrated seamlessly with Infinitum analytics platform to turn data into valuable insights for smarter business decisions. Powered by innovative technologies, this integrated solution can enhance customer experience, boost brand loyalty and proactively drive sales growth. The multi-functional Visum system also offers other industry-specific applications for ecommerce players, property developers and hospitality providers, transforming the way people live, work and play.

The PCM Biz IT Excellence award reflects PCCW Solutions' innovative IT solutions and our commitment in providing the best values for customers’ digital transformation journey. We will continue to develop industry-specific solutions to open up a new frontier of convenience, customer experience and lifestyle choices.