PCCW Solutions named ‘Triple Crown Winner’ for ‘Market Leadership in Digital Technology’ by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing

Apr 9, 2019

PCCW Solutions has been awarded ‘Market Leadership in Digital Technology’ for the third year in a row by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM), yielding the distinction as a ‘Triple Crown Winner’ in HKIM Market Leadership Award 2018/2019. These awards recognize our remarkable marketing achievements and consistent best practices in promoting the adoption of digital technology.

The HKIM Market Leadership Awards is a signature event for all marketing practitioners and business professionals. Winners were selected by the Board of Examiners, comprising HKIM Council Members and the Honorary Chairman, after evaluations of all the nominees' performances in five areas: effective marketing strategy, integrated branding initiatives, diverse communication campaigns, innovative media solutions, together with business integrity and social responsibility.

Dr. Michael Y. K. Chan, Honorary Chairman of HKIM, said, "PCCW Solutions deserves special acknowledgement as a Triple Crown Winner by unceasingly demonstrating its market leadership through a diversified portfolio of innovative digital solutions addressing different marketing initiatives along the customer journey. Congratulations to PCCW Solutions for being a high-achieving company that continues to raise the bar for success in the IT industry."

This prestigious award solidifies PCCW Solutions as a leading provider of unparalleled digital solutions. Digital technology is both the catalyst and accelerator for value creation and PCCW Solutions is committed to continuously delivering advanced digital technology solutions with high business value.