PCCW Solutions wins HKIM Market Leadership in Digital Marketing Award for two consecutive years

Mar 9, 2022

PCCW Solutions has once again won the ‘Market Leadership in Digital Marketing’ award at Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) Market Leadership Award. This accolade recognizes our excellence in devising best-in-class digital marketing strategies, harnessing digital channels and creative business thinking to strengthen digital engagement and optimize the customer journey.

The HKIM Market Leadership Award is a signature event for all marketing practitioners and business professionals. Winners were selected by the Board of Examiners, comprising HKIM Council Members and the Honorary Chairman, after evaluations of all the nominees' performances in five areas: effective marketing strategy, integrated branding initiatives, diverse communication campaigns, innovative media solutions, together with business integrity and social responsibility.

Dr. Michael Y. K. Chan, Honorary Chairman of HKIM, said, "For the second year in a row, we are pleased to present the Digital Marketing Leadership Award to PCCW Solutions in recognizing their remarkable achievements in mastering the power of insightful content and social media tactics to build effective digital marketing campaigns for enhancing digital presence.”

The renowned award truly demonstrates PCCW Solutions as a market leader in digital marketing, excelling in the use of different digital marketing tactics to attract and engage target audiences, tactfully optimizing digital touchpoints, building brand reputation and thought leadership through a series of content-driven campaigns with engaging videos.

PCCW Solutions goes beyond providing IT solutions to accelerating business transformation, offering digital marketing services to enterprises in driving digital adoption through Regen8. As the full-service digital marketing agency, the Regen8 team will continue to scale its expertise to help clients regenerate customer experience and drive digital marketing transformation.