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World-class data centers at multiple locations enable PCCW Solutions to provide a reliable, secure and scalable backup service for your personal files, server databases and any other important data. Our Cloud-based Backup Service is a self-service, pay-as-you-go platform that allows you to configure backup jobs with advanced data-protection technology and proactive status email notification.

You can start backing up your data via the Internet in a secure data center environment immediately after entering into a subscription agreement, which will include a flexible contract period.


Pay-as-you-go and quota-based backup service.

You can enjoy our reliable and secure Cloud-based Backup Service backed by our world-class data centers with 100Mbps internet connectivity for just HK$88 per month for every 100GB of disk storage. Additional storage is available for an extra charge.

Data backup

  • File Systems for Windows and Linux
  • Databases (including Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Email Servers (including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes)

Data restoration

  • Self-service data retrieval any time, as needed
  • Eliminate the need for multiple retrievals from numerous points


User-driven backup configuration

subscribers have full control of backup configuration. A simple user interface enables you to manage your backup job settings with ease:

  • Schedules
  • Mode (including full, incremental and differential)
  • Backup set version control

Data protection

we ensure that your data is secure and well protected by the following advanced technologies:

  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Integrity checking

Proactive notification

subscribers are notified of backup job status by email. You will also receive email notification of job result and any errors encountered:

  • Reports of usage statistics, as well as performance

Customer benefits

  • All data is stored at PCCW Solutions’ highly-secure, resilient and reliable data centers
  • A ready-to-use infrastructure enables subscribers to start backup via the Internet immediately after subscription
  • Subscribers have full control of backup configuration and restoration
  • Guaranteed 99.5% service availability monthly

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