Clinic Management System

Service Overview

Our Clinic Management System (CMS) helps healthcare practitioners manage clinical information and patient care services with greater efficiency. CMS supports the following clinic workflows:

  • Managing patient appointments, registration and admissions
  • Attendance queue handling
  • Retrieving and maintaining patient history
  • Providing comprehensive consultation and drug dispensary services
  • Billing patients and insurers
  • Generating reports for analysis
  • Digitizing patient management and clinical care

Online CMS Service

PCCW Solutions provides private clinics with an online CMS service synchronized with health authority requirements. Patient information, such as physical profiles, medical history, prescription records and test scans, can be stored in a secure repository for quick retrieval, thereby paving the way to a territory-wide electronic health records system for Hong Kong. We are committed to providing best-in-class technologies that empower healthcare organizations to achieve greater efficiency and provide frontline practitioners with instant access to real-time information.


Provision of one-stop and hassle-free cloud-based Clinic Management System

Facilitates patient registration, patient records management, billing and prescriptions

Provision of a secure repository for quick retrieval of patient information

Customer Benefits

Business operation improvement

CMS enhances efficiency in clinic operations and patient care services

Flexible and hassle-free

PCCW Solutions provides a total IT hosting and operational service based on cloud computing technology. This eliminates all the headaches caused by traditional hardware and software upgrades, breakdowns and obsolescence

Cost effectiveness

A pay-as-you-go approach eliminates the need for upfront investment and helps to develop a paperless clinic

Availability and scalability

Application resources are available at any time, as and when needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and users can scale resources at short notice to facilitate business growth

Package - Clinic Management System

Basic package

3 user accounts (doctor, nurse and administrator)

CMS subscription services for clinic operation

Local Internet connectivity

One full day's training includes setup, configuration and operation

Customer support service (basic)

Optional package

Installation of workstations and setup

Internet line subscription

Wi-Fi setup

Data conversion services

Customer support service (premium)