Cloud End Point Service

Service overview

Thanks to our enterprise-grade servers, Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a secure and ready-to-use infrastructure. This enables you to build a corporate private cloud in which traditional desktops are transformed into virtualized desktops. Our Cloud End-Point Service enables you to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing with minimum administrative effort and long-term desktop support cost, while ensuring data security, along with improved workforce mobility and productivity.


  • Rapid provision of services
  • Accessibility:Enable secure access to virtual desktops, data and applications via the Internet
  • Security: Provides enterprise-grade and secure infrastructure and servers
  • Flexibility: Enables on-demand subscription to different virtual resources such as CPU, memory and disk storage
  • Manageability: Provides a centralized management interface

Customer benefits

Maximizing business agility

Meet new business requirements and organizational expansion by provisioning new virtual desktops in your private cloud efficiently, based on pre-defined and user-defined* templates

Not included in standard offerings but can be provided based on user requirement and subscription

Enhancing data security

Enjoy enterprise-grade data security features to store and access important data without data leakage concerns

Improving workforce mobility and productivity

Access your working desktop and applications via the Internet – anytime, anywhere, using multiple devices

Improving infrastructure and system manageability

Manage your virtual desktops and review resource consumption from a centralized web interface

Subscribe to additional virtual desktop capacity on-demand

Expand your virtual desktop capacity instantly

Improving cost effectiveness

Extend your physical PC refreshment cycle

Reduce your long-term desktop support costs

Streamline and reduce efforts when launching applications, distributing software or managing patches

Unique competitive edge

Leading network provider in Hong Kong

Well-established network ensures network reliability and virtual desktop accessibility

Integrated service management center

International standard service management center provides 7x24 proactive monitoring, helpdesk and support services


An SME wished to deploy virtual desktops among workers who spend most of the time away from the office, or who need special access. Our Cloud End-Point Service means employees can now access email, applications and other software tools from home, client sites, hotels and virtually any other location.

In addition, the company’s administration team can standardize devices and manage easily, while the security team can keep data safely on our services platform.