Cloud Management Suites


In the era of virtualization and cloud computing, IT departments need a new approach to maintain the performance, availability, quality of service, security and compliance requirements of infrastructure, applications and business services.

PCCW Solutions is well aware of these challenges; its cloud management solutions can help reduce risk by providing the tool for performance management of the cloud infrastructure, backup and restoring associated workload storage.

With the use of cloud infrastructure, integrated management and automation services can help achieve operational efficiency and productivity. PCCW Solutions’ cloud management suites help enable the following:

  • Automated provisioning and monitoring capabilities for improved Service Level Agreement (SLA) and policy focus
  • Significantly reduce human resources for system operation and new system implementation time
  • Lower the total costs of IT system maintenance through reducing workload of administrators
  • Increase the IT resources utilization

PCCW Solutions’ cloud management solutions support the management of cloud environments. IT departments can effectively provision and govern infrastructure and applications based on predefined policies, hence the healthiness, compliance and efficiency of the cloud infrastructure can be ensured.

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