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Electronic Marketing Services

PCCW Solutions offers one-stop digital marketing services to reach, recruit, communicate, retain and cultivate your customers at different stages of the sales and marketing cycle. We offer customer data management, customer relationship management (CRM), order fulfillment, customer service hotline, communications, marketing materials production, data analysis and technology and app development.

Customer data management

Data privacy deserves to be treated with the highest respect, which is why any member of staff with access to customer data is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In addition, customer data bases are integrated into our own in-house developed loyalty program or a CRM program designated by you.

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is crucially important in terms of instant sales revenue for your business and invaluable customer satisfaction. Our customized web service covers website design, online shop design and creation with payment gateway, as well as e-commerce. All are aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly functional, empowering you to capture every sales opportunity via the crucially-important online channel. Last but not least, our skilled logistics team delivers orders directly to your customers as the perfect finishing touch to their overall shopping experience.

Customer service hotline

Marketing and customer service must be integrated if you want to meet customer expectation. We understand the importance of high-quality customer service, which is why our call centers provide hotlines staffed by customer service officers to answer inquiries, take and process orders, handle complaints and address a caller’s every need.


Whether direct mailing or email marketing, we know how to communicate with your customers. Our service covers management of marketing campaigns, concept creation and layout design, as well as copywriting, translation, graphic design, artwork production, illustration and animation.

Direct marketing

Mail-merging technology is used to manage the design, printing, letter-shopping and delivery of hardcopy promotional materials such as leaflets, posters and brochures, as well as address labels, postcards, envelopes, barcodes and personal letters. We also provide value-added services such as document folding, insertion and enveloping. Rest assured, your direct marketing campaign will run like clockwork.

Email marketing

You can rely on PCCW Solutions to manage multiple campaigns concurrently, involving the design and creation of electronic direct mail (edm), delivering up to 30,000 edm units per hour in a secure manner and providing reports containing statistics on aspects such as the number of edm units opened, click rate, bounce back, and opt-out.

Email marketing is an effective way of promoting products, services and events among business prospects, existing clients, members and target groups – and a great way to build brand awareness and customer relations.

Email marketing allows links to be embedded in messages, which drives website traffic and empowers recipients to act on messages immediately in terms of downloading, registering and completing sales inquiry forms.

Why email marketing?

  • Fast – delivers bulk email fast with just one click.
  • Low cost – much more cost-effective than traditional marketing.
  • Targeted – marketers can tailor promotions effectively by demographics and with a well-structured database.
  • Highly customized – marketers can tailor email to each recipient, according to customer database information.
  • Build brand awareness, loyalty and relationships with clients.
  • Generate sales, downloads, inquiries and registrations.
  • Environment friendly – all you need is an email list, an email marketing software/platform and your content. Email marketing is much more environment friendly than printed catalogs or direct mailing.

Technology & app development

From iPad app development to enterprise systems, our team creates world-class technical solutions for all digital channels, existing and emerging. We are solutions integrators and developers, experienced in all levels of the application development lifecycle, with a clear focus on creating a rich and dynamic user experience.

We design, build, deploy, host and maintain secure web-based solutions capable of targeting both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, we handle anything from useful Internet applications to eCommerce sites.

Customer benefits

Improvement to service quality driven by a single view of the customer and comprehensive profiles

Facilitates utilization of resources for marketing and sales activities in a more cost-effective way

Increase enterprise revenue through exploration of new business opportunities and marketing retention programs

Streamline an enterprise’s internal workflows and improve efficiency

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