Hospital RFID
Monitoring Solutions


There is nothing to be surprised at baby being mixed-up in hospital. Baby mix-up and related medical incidents are always occurred mostly due to misidentification of babies. Monitoring babies in hospital thus should be one of the priorities for hospital so as to reduce such incidents.

Government is taking prompt and comprehensive action to ensure that residents are kept fully informed about the latest influenza situation, and taking all the possible measures to contain its spread in the community. Patients with such highly infectious diseases running away from hospital is not allowed and it could cause serious consequence. As such, it is important for hospital to have real-time location tracking for patient.

Asset management is one of the important parts in the whole healthcare system and it affects the efficiency of service. In addition, hospital has many valued equipments, it should be guarded carefully to prevent any lost.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions hospital RFID monitoring solution is developed as in view of such need. It can provide real time monitoring for baby, patient and asset and enhance operational efficiency and patient care.


  • Real-time location tracking of patient, baby and hospital asset
  • Security control and alerting system to prevent unauthorized access
  • Accurate identity verification of patient, baby and hospital asset


  • Improve accuracy of patient and asset tracking
  • Enhance operational efficiency and patient care
  • Prevent mother-baby mix-up and unauthorized exit of patient