LED Display System

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An eye catching high-end LED display solution from PCCW Solutions is tailored for various commercial applications in banks, hotels, commercial buildings, real estate, retail shops, exhibition centers, etc.

With superior image quality, the LED display system can show dynamic content supplemented by video, image and RSS feed offering information such as weather updates and time. The excellent visuals make the LED display system an ideal choice for products and services promotion.

In addition, users can choose to host the LED display solution on PCCW Solutions' secure cloud platform, which allows them to access the system and take control via a web-based client interface anytime anywhere, and have real-time playback of text, pictures, video, etc. A web browser can be used to upload a media file, before managing scheduling and designing layout.

Features and benefits


7 x 24 remote monitor and diagnostic platform, alert notification on any abnormal situation

Color attraction

20 bit color processing technology enables superb eye-catching images to attract your customers

High precision calibration

Energy saving

revolution energy saving technology provides ultra-low running cost

LED Street Furniture

New LED street furniture enlarges LED display’s application, like airport, railway station, bus shelter, newspaper kiosks and city information panels. Its vivid visual effect increases attraction and advertising revenue. We offer customized service for advertiser. The network information platform, remote monitor and diagnostic platform can reduce operation and maintenance costs.


  • Centralized management
  • 20 Bit processing depth
  • Energy saving
  • Offline player
  • Front access

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