Membership Bonus Points System


Lenovo PCCW Solutions' Membership Bonus Points System is a cost-effective cloud-based membership and bonus point solution, compatible with web and mobile platforms, that meets the needs of large and small retail chains across a variety of industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, fashion, furniture, sports and electronics.

Large retail organizations managing multiple brands throughout several retail chains require a solid yet flexible platform that processes large-scale transaction quantities from hundreds or thousands stores across a number of countries and regions.

Multi-tier and cross-brand membership capabilities are essential when customers have a history of membership periods and when a customer holds several active brand memberships at the same time. The Membership Bonus Points System from Lenovo PCCW Solutions enables a full life-time view of customer profiles with instant information covering history of membership periods, upgrades, downgrades and renewals.

Smaller retail chains can also benefit from the loyalty effects that were previously used by large retail chains with big budgets. Lenovo PCCW Solutions provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for retailers to manage their loyalty program settings and loyalty benefits without the need of consultants.


Location-based capability enables timely and relevant promotional messages delivered as scheduled to targeted customers via multi-channels including eDM, SMS and Push notification.

Mobile app provides merchants a channel for their customers to easily register as members, or enables them to retrieve an existing virtual membership card.

A web admin portal enables merchants to manage all information covering members, products,promotions and facilitates easy delivery of e-marketing messaging.

Merchants can create an online store via a mobile app to include product catalog,wish-list, hot-items, shopping cart and online payment for members to bookmark,order, redeem and purchase.

Reports for sales and marketing analysis are available to merchants from a web admin portal.

Benefits for retailers

  • Cloud-based solution to minimize upfront investment cost
  • Annual subscription scheme minimizes recurrent maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Professional 24/7 support for both hardware and software
  • Reduce cost of maintaining and managing physical membership cards by replacing with virtual versions
  • Easy integration with any POS system

Facilitate customer engagement and retention:

  • Location-based capability enables timely and relevant promotional messages delivered to boost sales via multi-channels including eDM, SMS and Push notification

Maximize business opportunities

  • Facilitate accurate business decision-making based on analysis of purchasing behavior contained by sales and marketing reports
  • Capture sales via an existing website shop and an online shop set up as a mobile app with our solution

Benefits for end customers

  • Receive timely and relevant promotional messages
  • Manage multiple virtual membership cards with peace of mind
  • Make purchasing easier by using online shops available via mobile apps


Lenovo PCCW Solutions offers a variety of packages with different features to meet the needs of retailers of all sizes, as well as companies, shopping malls and even clubs that want to manage membership, enhance relationships and communications and retain customers.

Package Shop Theme Mall Club
Description Ideal for individual shops or companies that focus on customer service, customer relationship management and mobile shopping Ideal for shopping arcades with a diversity of small merchants wanting to retain customer loyalty Ideal for large shopping malls with a diversity of chain stores and branded merchants wanting to drive traffic to the malls and enhance customer loyalty Ideal for clubs and club houses wanting to manage membership programs

App features for end customers

Shop Theme Mall Club
Virtual membership card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Member registration and login Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gift redemption reminder/notification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browse gift and product catalog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create, manage and check the shopping wish list Yes Yes Yes Yes
Store locator function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check points earned and balance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collect and order gifts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Buy products online Yes - - Yes
Check order history Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload images and documents - - - Yes
Choose product delivery destination Yes - - -
Enable social network sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subscribe and check newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Book facilities - - - Yes
Register for events - - - Yes

Features for merchants

Shop Theme Mall Club
Configure user interface, choose color tone, change landing page design Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage gifts redemption and product sales via app and online shop Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browse gift and product catalog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage shop location information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage members' bonus points Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage and set rules for membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send eDM to members Yes (once a month free) Yes (once a month free for all merchants) Yes (once a month free) Yes (once a month free)
Send mobile push notification to members Yes (once a month free) Yes (once a month free for all merchants) Yes (once a month free) Yes (once a month free)
Send location-based push notification to members Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send SMS to members (optional) - - - Yes
Manage product delivery and order fulfillment Yes - - -
Enable member filtering for promotion to target members Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment gateway for online shop (optional) Yes - - -
Reports on member activities, transaction, all e-messaging for analysiss Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report on online payment (optional) Yes - - Yes
Manage paid membership fee (optional) Yes - - Yes
Manage newsletter delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage facility booking - - - Yes
Manage event registration - - - Yes

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