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A secure and reliable payment service that safeguards and facilitates online transactions plays a vital role to the success of e-business. Our Internet payment gateway ePayLink is designed to enable e-commerce merchants to accept real-time credit card and debit payment swiftly and securely over the Internet. By providing a non-stop payment service, ePayLink opens up your online business to global customers with boarder market coverage.


ePayLink supports real-time online payment from widely accepted credit cards including VISA and MasterCard. It supports multi-currency payment in HKD, USD & RMB. Besides credit card, ePayLink also provides PPS direct debit service that enables customers to make online payment directly from their bank accounts. For e-business startups, we offer shopping cart solution that can help you build your virtual storefront.

Our user-friendly administration tool allows merchants to access real-time transaction reports, giving transaction details, revenue flow and sales data. All transaction data transmitted between the merchant's web server, ePayLink payment gateway and financial institutions are fully encrypted using world-class encryption technologies, ensuring data security of transaction details and credit card information. ePayLink also provides IP verification fraud screening service to help merchants reduce potential online fraud risks.

Service scope

We offer online payment processing service and shopping cart solution, which help start up and manage your e-business, as well as a 7x24 service platform supported by a team of local professionals. Our dedicated technical support ensures seamless integration of the payment service with your existing websites. ePayLink merchants can also enjoy a wide variety of free value-added services such as scheduled payment collection, mail-order-telephone-order transaction handling, and IP screening service.

Customer benefits

  • Flexible payment options - credit card, debit payment, multiple currencies
  • Competitive pricing on set-up fee, transaction fee and monthly fee package
  • Value-added service - scheduled payment, mail-order-telephone-order transaction handling
  • Reliable local and professional customer service
  • Security - world-class encryption technology and proven security policy and procedures
  • Easy deployment - minimum setup efforts, no additional hardware is required
  • User-friendly administration tool assists merchants to monitor transaction details
  • Extend your market reach globally

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