Smart Parking & Charging


The electric vehicle market growth is gaining pace as city drivers are reaping the benefits of electronic driving. The uptake of electric vehicles brings enormous growth potential to various businesses within the ecosystem.

Combining outstanding delivery capability with industry expertise, PCCW Solutions has developed Smart Parking and Charging solution on the world-class Infinitum IoT platform that enables shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, as well as telecommunication and public utility companies to deliver seamless experience to the modern drivers and capitalize on business opportunities.

The solution is designed from ground-up to be modular yet integrated, and interoperable. Operators with existing automotive infrastructure could expand their scope of services by simply integrating the automotive APIs without the need to completely overhaul their technology stack.

The Smart Parking and Charging solution consists of four major components:

Mobile App

  • Enable drivers to locate and reserve parking and charging facilities in real-time
  • Navigate to the desired location
  • Propose alternative nearest options and routes
  • Provide option to select preferred online payment methods, and pay seamlessly

Smart Parking

  • Provide sensors, gates, access control and occupancy management
  • Enable parking facility operators to monitor and optimize occupancy in real-time, allowing them to increase utilization, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams
  • Environmentally friendly and enable operators to reap benefits from adopting corporate social responsibility

Smart Charging

  • Provide charging station, service provisioning, metering and charging
  • Provide notifications on the real-time status of actual charging
  • Fast charging system compatible with industry standards, supporting multi-vendor charge stations
  • Enable operators to remotely manage usage and billing under multiple subscriptions and charging models

Customer Management

  • Provide sales report, marketing analysis and billing
  • Provide operators visibility on customer behaviour through big-data analytics, enabling them to develop personalised promotions and propose value-added services to increase revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Provide comprehensive support and customizable solutions from design, installation and management of the network infrastructure, security and access control

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