Smart Shelf

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Smart Shelf is a technological breakthrough that enhances the overall shopping experience and improves a store’s operational efficiency in terms of inventory control and stock replenishment. The intelligent and interactive Smart Shelf enables RFID/NFC-tagged apparel to be automatically sensed when picked up by a shopper. Detailed product information is then displayed on a touchscreen.

Lenovo PCCW Solutions enables retailers to maximize sales by minimizing the risk of items running out of stock. This provides a sharp competitive edge in the cutthroat retail market by enabling unparalleled customer service and a unique shopping experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides customers with detailed product information whenever needed
  • Enables visibility of stock availability
  • Enables cross and up-selling of products
  • Synchronizes real-time data for efficient stock replenishment

Smart Shelf Demonstration


  • Enhances the shopping experience by providing detailed product information
  • Optimizes use of store space
  • Enables analysis of product popularity
  • Provides access to accurate stock information in real time
  • Minimizes out-of-stock situations and lost sales opportunities, thanks to an automated stock replenishment alert function

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