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Ageas - Case Management System


Ageas is a Belgian multinational insurance company headquartered in Brussels. Ageas is Belgium's largest insurer owning 75% of AG Insurance and operates in 14 countries worldwide. The company is the largest provider of insurance in Belgium owning 75% of AG Insurance Products sold through independent agents, brokers and financial planners, and through branches of BNP Paribas Fortis and its subsidiary Banque de La Poste/Bank van De Post.


To achieve an initiative to provide better customer service in various communication channels, Ageas needed to leverage commercial management capabilities of a partner to accelerate business.


PCCW Solutions implemented a Case Management System (CMS) to provide better customer service in a collaborative environment that consolidated agent and customer views with data from a legacy system whilst integrating a communication platform of email server, fax server and SMS gateway.

Value created

The CMS has added value to the daily operation allowing staff to handle enquiries and transactions effectively. Staff can view the communication history and log down follow-up actions for better customer service and Ageas is able to utilize the capability of trained staff by leveraging telephone communication and information technology.