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Borghese Limited: Logistics Solutions


Borghese, an international cosmetics company, set up its regional headquarters in Hong Kong in 1992.

Regularly introducing innovative skincare products to the market place, Borghese needs to promote those products to its customers. Direct mail plays a major part in delivering the message to potential and existing clients.

Borghese has worked closely with PCCW Solutions' Power Logistics for several years. During this time, the two companies have formed a good working partnership based on mutual trust, respect and knowledge. Power Logistics has provided a quality service based on its professionalism and real understanding of the commercial issues. This allows them to provide logical solutions, which always prove a match to the business requirements, as well as being robust in operation. I look forward to continuing our relationship to mutual benefit in the years to come.

Gabrielle Ng

General Manager Borghese Limited Hong Kong


Borghese needed to ensure the confidentiality of all customer data and needed a solution that not only delivered its message to customers, but also ensured strict supervision and access with the highest level of data security.


In 2002, Borghese appointed Power Logistics to provide a total document solution from producing to mailing direct mail to its end customers to promote new products or special offers in a reliable and efficient way.

Power Logistics' one-stop document logistics solution used by Borghese includes data management, printing, lettershopping and mailing services for direct mail and promotional leaflets, as well as top-level confidentiality of customer data.

Value created

Using this integrated service, communicating with customers has never been easier for Borghese. With the support of Power Logistics' professionalism, reliability and efficiency, the company can focus on its sales and marketing activities and product development.