Centralised Planning Management System for China Mobile Group

Company profile

China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (China Mobile) is the leading telecommunications service provider offering full communications services throughout mainland China and Hong Kong. It is a world-class telecommunications operator with the world’s largest network and customer base, and a leading position in profitability and market value ranking. Its businesses primarily consist of mobile voice and data business, wireline broadband and other information and communications services.


To improve management efficiency with centralised planning management and cost control, China Mobile would like to deploy a Planning Management System (PMS) to cover all of their provincial companies. The system should provide end-to-end capabilities and full support in business planning management, strengthening management of each unit to achieve lower costs and efficient operations.


Riding on the extensive telecom experience to operate IT applications and infrastructure, PCCW Solutions is selected to design and implement the PMS solution for China Mobile. The centralised PMS covers the entire life cycle management of the first-tier production, including network planning, investment planning, project approval, materials and implementation, risk control and other services. Built upon microservice and middle platform architecture, PCCW Solutions adopts open source technologies and DevOps architecture to fulfil the different business needs of provincial companies. The project complies with the rules of China Mobile’s enterprise-level smart platform, with innovations in microservice and containerisation, agile development, R&D with independent controllability and digital operation.

Value created

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, China Mobile has successfully launched the pilot rollout of the centralised PMS in its headquarters, IT centre and provincial companies including Jiangsu, Guangdong, Henan and Heibei, China. PCCW Solutions team has been working closely with the IT planning, cloud centre, and project management office of China Mobile to ensure a successful and on-schedule pilot rollout. The successful launch of PMS yields valuable experience in integrating centralised IT systems with peripheral systems and data, also laying a foundation for the next stage of China Mobile’s business digitalisation.